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Characteristics of size distributions and sources of water-soluble ions in Lhasa during monsoon and non-monsoon seasons

Nannan Wei, Zhiyou Xu, Junwen Liu, Guanghua Wang, Wei Liu, Deqing Zhuoga, Detao Xiao and Jian Yao

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Acute and chronic toxicity of nickel to nitrifiers at different temperatures

Xiaoguang Liu,Mohammad M.I. Chowdhury,Masuduz Zaman,Mingu Kim,George Nakhla

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Silica-quaternary ammonium “Fixed-Quat” nanofilm coated fiberglass mesh for water disinfection and harmful algal blooms control

Daniela Diaz,Jared Church,Mikaeel Young,Keug Tae Kim,Jungsu Park,Yun Bin Hwang,Swadeshmukul Santra,Woo Hyoung Lee

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