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The potential risk assessment for different arsenic species in the aquatic environment——Meng Du,Dongbin Wei,Zhuowei Tan,Aiwu Lin and Yuguo Du  [114] [PDF]



Synthesis of linear low-density polyethylene-g-poly (acrylic acid)-co-starch/organo-montmorillonite hydrogel composite as an adsorbent for removal of Pb(Ⅱ) from aqueous solutions——Maryam Irani,Hanafi Ismail,Zulkifli Ahmad and Maohong Fan  [82] [PDF]



Research and application of kapok fiber as an absorbing material: A mini review——Yian Zheng,Jintao Wang,Yongfeng Zhu and Aiqin Wang  [71] [PDF]



Relationship between types of urban forest and PM2.5 capture at three growth stages of leaves——Thithanhthao Nguyen,Xinxiao Yu,Zhenming Zhang,Mengmeng Liu and Xuhui Liu  [75] [PDF]



Bioaugmentation of DDT-contaminated soil by dissemination of the catabolic plasmid pDOD——Chunming Gao,Xiangxiang Jin,Jingbei Ren,Hua Fang and Yunlong Yu  [68] [PDF]



Comparison of different combined treatment processes to address the source water with high concentration of natural organic matter during snowmelt period——Pengfei Lin,Xiaojian Zhang,Jun Wang,Yani Zeng,Shuming Liu and Chao Chen  [64] [PDF]



Chemical and optical properties of aerosols and their interrelationship in winter in the megacity Shanghai of China——Tingting Han,Liping Qiao,Min Zhou,Yu Qu,Jianfei Du,Xingang Liu,Shengrong Lou,Changhong Chen,Hongli Wang,Fang Zhang,Qing Yu and Qiong Wu  [65] [PDF]



Could wastewater analysis be a useful tool for China? — A review——Jianfa Gao,Jake O'Brien,Foon Yin Lai,Alexander L.N. van Nuijs,Jun He,Jochen F. Mueller,Jingsha Xu and Phong K. Thai  [90] [PDF]



Controlling cyanobacterial blooms by managing nutrient ratio and limitation in a large hypereutrophic lake: Lake Taihu, China——Jianrong Ma,Boqiang Qin,Pan Wu,Jian Zhou,Cheng Niu,Jianming Deng and Hailin Niu  [68] [PDF]



Reduction of NO by CO using Pd-CeTb and Pd-CeZr catalysts supported on SiO2 and La2O3-Al2O3——Victor Ferrer,Dora Finol,Roger Solano,Alexander Moronta and Miguel Ramos  [69] [PDF]



Development and case study of a science-based software platform to support policy making on air quality——Yun Zhu,Yanwen Lao,Carey Jang,Chen-Jen Lin,Jia Xing,Shuxiao Wang,Joshua S. Fu,Shuang Deng,Junping Xie and Shicheng Long  [66] [PDF]



Modulation of the DNA repair system and ATR-p53 mediated apoptosis is relevant for tributyltininduced genotoxic effects in human hepatoma G2 cells——Bowen Li,Lingbin Sun,Jiali Cai,Chonggang Wang,Mengmeng Wang,Huiling Qiu and Zhenghong Zuo  [58] [PDF]



Impact of dissolved organic matter on the photolysis of the ionizable antibiotic norfloxacin——Chen Liang,Huimin Zhao,Minjie Deng,Xie Quan,Shuo Chen and Hua Wang  [63] [PDF]



Enhanced bio-decolorization of 1-amino-4-bromoanthraquinone-2-sulfonic acid by Sphingomonas xenophaga with nutrient amendment——Hong Lu,Xiaofan Guan,Jing Wang Jiti Zhou and Haikun Zhang  [60] [PDF]



Winter survival of microbial contaminants in soil: An in situ verification——Antonio Bucci,Vincenzo Allocca,Gino Naclerio,Giovanni Capobianco,Fabio Divino,Francesco Fiorillo and Fulvio Celico  [65] [PDF]



Assessment of potential dermal and inhalation exposure of workers to the insecticide imidacloprid using whole-body dosimetry in China——Lidong Cao,Bo Chen,Li Zheng,Dongwei Wang,Feng Liu and Qiliang Huang  [68] [PDF]



Biochemical and microbial soil functioning after application of the insecticide imidacloprid——Mariusz Cycoń and Zofia Piotrowska-Seget  [68] [PDF]



Comparison of three-dimensional fluorescence analysis methods for predicting formation of trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids——Nicolás M. Peleato and Robert C. Andrews  [74] [PDF]



The migration and transformation of dissolved organic matter during the freezing processes of water——Shuang Xue,Yang Wen,Xiujuan Hui,Lina Zhang,Zhaohong Zhang,Jie Wang and Ying Zhang  [68] [PDF]



Genomic analyses of metal resistance genes in three plant growth promoting bacteria of legume plants in Northwest mine tailings, China——Pin Xie,Xiuli Hao,Martin Herzberg,Yantao Luo,Dietrich H. Nies and Gehong Wei  [66] [PDF]



Effect of environmental factors on the complexation of iron and humic acid——Kai Fang,Dongxing Yuan,Lei Zhang,Lifeng Feng,Yaojin Chen and Yuzhou Wang  [58] [PDF]



Resolving the influence of nitrogen abundances on sediment organic matter in macrophyte-dominated lakes, using fluorescence spectroscopy——Xin Yao,Shengrui Wang,Lixin Jiao,Caihong Yan and Xiangcan Jin  [64] [PDF]



Predicting heavy metals' adsorption edges and adsorption isotherms on MnO2 with the parameters determined from Langmuir kinetics——Qinghai Hu,Zhongjin Xiao,Xinmei Xiong,Gongming Zhou and Xiaohong Guan  [75] [PDF]



Applying a new method for direct collection, volume quantification and determination of N2 emission from water——Xinhong Liu,Yan Gao,Honglian Wang,Junyao Guo and Shaohua Yan  [55] [PDF]



Effects of water management on arsenic and cadmiumspeciation and accumulation in an upland rice cultivar——Pengjie Hu,Younan Ouyang,Longhua Wu,Libo Shen,Yongming Luo and Peter Christie  [53] [PDF]



Acid-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of nanocrystalline TiO2 from titanate nanotubes: Influence of acids on the photodegradation of gaseous toluene——Kunyang Chen,Lizhong Zhu and Kun Yang  [63] [PDF]



Air-soil exchange of organochlorine pesticides in a sealed chamber——Bing Yang,Baolu Han,Nandong Xue,Lingli Zhou and Fasheng Li  [58] [PDF]



Effects of elevated CO2 on dynamics of microcystin-producing and non-microcystin-producing strains during Microcystis blooms——Li Yu,Fanxiang Kong,Xiaoli Shi,Zhen Yang,Min Zhang and Yang Yu  [57] [PDF]



Sulfide elimination by intermittent nitrate dosing in sewer sediments——Yanchen Liu,Chen Wu,Xiaohong Zhou,David Z. Zhu and Hanchang Shi  [63] [PDF]



Steel slag carbonation in a flow-through reactor system: The role of fluid-flux——Eleanor J. Berryman,Anthony E. Williams-Jones and Artashes A. Migdisov  [61] [PDF]



Amine reclaiming technologies in post-combustion carbon dioxide capture——Tielin Wang,Jon Hovland and Klaus J. Jens  [62] [PDF]



Dovehicular emissions dominate the source of C6-C8aromatics in the megacity Shanghai of eastern China?——Hongli Wang,Qian Wang,Jianmin Chen,Changhong Chen,Cheng Huang,Liping Qiao,Shengrong Lou and Jun Lu  [62] [PDF]



Insights into metals in individual fine particles from municipal solid waste using synchrotron radiation-based micro-analytical techniques——Yumin Zhu,Hua Zhang,Liming Shao and Pinjing He  [67] [PDF]




Significant developments for the Journal of Environmental Sciences in 2014——Qingcai Feng  [119] [PDF]



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