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A toxicity-based method for evaluating safety of reclaimed water for environmental reuses——Jianying Xu,Chuntao Zhao,Dongbin Wei and Yuguo Du  [121] [PDF]



Enhanced anaerobic fermentation with azo dye as electron acceptor: Simultaneous acceleration of organics decomposition and azo decolorization——Yang Li,Yaobin Zhang,Xie Quan,Jingxin Zhang,Shuo Chen and Shahzad Afzal  [94] [PDF]



Arsenic fractionation and contamination assessment in sediments of thirteen lakes from the East Plain and Yungui Plateau Ecoregions, China——Fengyu Zan,Shouliang Huo,Jingtian Zhang,Li Zhang,Beidou Xi and Lieyu Zhang  [85] [PDF]



Changes in the quality of river water before, during and after a major flood event associated with a La Niña cycle and treatment for drinking purposes——Mohamad Fared Murshed,Zeeshan Aslam,Rosmala Lewis,Christopher Chow,Dongsheng Wang,Mary Drikas and John van Leeuwen  [67] [PDF]



Experimental study using the dilution incubation method to assess water biostability——Qiuhua Wang,Tao Tao and Kunlun Xin  [71] [PDF]



Effect of the chlortetracycline addition method on methane production from the anaerobic digestion of swine wastewater——Lu Huang,Xin Wen,Yan Wang,Yongde Zou,Baohua Ma,Xindi Liao,Juanboo Liang and Yinbao Wu  [75] [PDF]



Peroxyacetyl nitrate observed in Beijing in August from 2005 to 2009——Tianyu Gao,Li Han,Bin Wang,Guang Yang,Zhenqiang Xu,Limin Zeng and Jianbo Zhang  [90] [PDF]



PM2.5, PM10 and health risk assessment of heavy metals in a typical printed circuit noards manufacturing workshop——Peng Zhou,Jie Guo,Xiaoyu Zhou,Wei Zhang,Lili Liu,Yangcheng Liu and Kuangfei Lin  [82] [PDF]



Unregulated emissions from diesel engine with particulate filter using Fe-based fuel borne catalyst——Hong Zhao,Yunshan Ge,Tiezhu Zhang,Jipeng Zhang,Jianwei Tan and Hongxin Zhang  [69] [PDF]



Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal phylogenetic groups differ in affecting host plants along heavy metal levels——Lei He,Haishui Yang,Zhenxing Yu,Jianjun Tang,Ligen Xu and Xin Chen  [70] [PDF]



Polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans and polychlorinated biphenyls in surface soil from the Tibetan Plateau——Zhenyu Tian,Haifeng Li,Huiting Xie,Chen Tang,Ying Han,Mengjing Wang and Wenbin Liu  [72] [PDF]



Cadmium accumulation and tolerance of two castor cultivars in relation to antioxidant systems——Hanzhi Zhang,Qingjun Guo,Junxing Yang,Tongbin Chen,Guangxu Zhu,Marc Peters,Rongfei Wei,Liyan Tian,Chunyu Wang,Deyun Tan,Jie Ma,Gangming Wang and Yingxin Wan  [66] [PDF]



Biosorption mechanisms involved in immobilization of soil Pb by Bacillus subtilis DBM in a multimetal-contaminated soil——Jun Bai,Xiuhong Yang,Ruiying Du,Yanmei Chen,Shizhong Wang and Rongliang Qiu  [66] [PDF]



Physiological cellular responses and adaptations of Rhodococcus erythropolis IBBPo1 to toxic organic solvents——Mihaela Marilena Stancu  [72] [PDF]



Optimized production of a novel bioflocculant M-C11 by Klebsiella sp. and its application in sludge dewatering——Jiewei Liu,Junwei Ma,Yanzhong Liu,Ya Yang,Dongbei Yue and Hongtao Wang  [69] [PDF]



Molecular characterization and developmental expression patterns of thyroid hormone receptors (TRs) and their responsiveness to TR agonist and antagonist in Rana nigromaculata——Qinqin Lou,Yinfeng Zhang,Dongkai Ren,Haiming Xu,Yaxian Zhao,Zhanfen Qin and Wuji Wei  [66] [PDF]



Activated carbon enhanced ozonation of oxalate attributed to HO. oxidation in bulk solution and surface oxidation: Effect of activated carbon dosage and pH——Linlin Xing,Yongbing Xie,Daisuke Minakata,Hongbin Cao,Jiadong Xiao,Yi Zhang and John C. Crittenden  [64] [PDF]



Effect of Ce doping of TiO2 support on NH3-SCR activity over V2O5-WO3/CeO2-TiO2 catalyst——Kai Cheng,Jian Liu,Tao Zhang,Jianmei Li,Zhen Zhao,Yuechang Wei,Guiyuan Jiang and Aijun Duan  [56] [PDF]



Graphene TiO2 nanocomposites with high photocatalytic activity for the degradation of sodium pentachlorophenol——Yaxin Zhang,Zeyu Zhou,Tan Chen,Hongtao Wang and Wenjing Lu  [68] [PDF]



Mechanism of Cu(Ⅱ) adsorption inhibition on biochar by its aging process——Yue Guo,Wei Tang,Jinggui Wu,Zhaoqin Huang and Jingyu Dai  [83] [PDF]



Assessment of estrogen disrupting potency in animal foodstuffs of China by combined biological and chemical analyses——Jun Wang,Wei Xia,Yonghua Xiao,Chenjiang Ying,Jia Long,Hui Zhang,Xi Chen,Congda Mao,Xiumin Li,Lin Wang and Shunqing Xu  [74] [PDF]



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