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¾ 17. Phosphorus recovery from biogas fermentation liquid by Ca–Mg loaded biochar[]
¾ 22. Pollution levels and characteristics of phthalate esters in indoor air of offices[]
¾ 19. Evaluation of biostimulation and Tween 80 addition for the bioremediation of long-term DDT-contaminated soil[]
¾ 8. Investigation of physico-chemical properties and microbial community during poultry manure co-composting process[]
¾ 4. Relationship between types of urban forest and PM2.5 capture at three growth stages of leaves[]
¾ 6. Synthesis of linear low-density polyethylene-g-poly (acrylic acid)-co-starch/organo-montmorillonite hydrogel composite as an adsorbent for removal of Pb(ΙΙ) from aqueous solutions[]
¾ 16. Development and case study of a science-based software platform to support policy making on air quality[]
¾ 12. Effects of water management on arsenic and cadmium speciation and accumulation in an upland rice cultivar[]
¾ 5. Research and application of kapok fiber as an absorbing material: A mini review[]
¾ 10. Effect of environmental factors on the complexation of iron and humic acid[]
¾ 18. Predicting heavy metals' adsorption edges and adsorption isotherms on MnO2 with the parameters determined from Langmuir kinetics[]
¾ 3. The potential risk assessment for different arsenic species in the aquatic environment[]
¾ 7. Genomic analyses of metal resistance genes in three plant growth promoting bacteria of legume plants in Northwest mine tailings, China[]
¾ 25. Amine reclaiming technologies in post-combustion carbon dioxide capture[]
¾ 13. Utilization of plant-based natural coagulants as future alternatives towards sustainable water clarification[]
¾ 1. Review of the progress in preparing nano TiO2: An important environmental engineering material[]
¾ 23. Mechanism of Cu(II) adsorption inhibition on biochar by its aging process[]
¾ 20. Effect of Ce doping of TiO2 support on NH3-SCR activity over V2O5–WO3/CeO2–TiO2 catalyst[]
¾ 14. Particle number concentration, size distribution and chemical composition during haze and photochemical smog episodes in Shanghai[]
¾ 24. Integral stormwater management master plan and design in an ecological community[]
¾ 15. Managing agricultural phosphorus for water quality: Lessons from the USA and China[]
¾ 9. Application potential of carbon nanotubes in water treatment: A review[]
¾ 21. Air quality management in China: Issues, challenges, and options[]
¾ 11. A review on the generation, determination and mitigation of Urban Heat Island[]
¾ 2. Progress in carbon dioxide separation and capture: A review[]

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Numerical study of the effects of local atmospheric circulations on a pollution event over Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, China——Yucong Miao, Shuhua Liu, Yijia Zheng, Shu Wang, Bicheng Chen, Hui Zheng and Jingchuan Zhao  [39] [PDF]



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Application of constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment in tropical and subtropical regions (2000-2013)——Dong-Qing Zhang, K.B.S.N. Jinadasa, Richard M. Gersberg, Yu Liu, Soon Keat Tan and Wun Jern Ng  [38] [PDF]



Stepwise multiple regression method of greenhouse gas emission modeling in the energy sector in Poland——Alicja Kolasa-Wiecek  [26] [PDF]



Abatement of SO2-NOx binary gas mixtures using a ferruginous active absorbent: Part I. Synergistic effects and mechanism——Yinghui Han, Xiaolei Li, Maohong Fan, Armistead G. Russell, Yi Zhao, Chunmei Cao, Ning Zhang and Genshan Jiang  [36] [PDF]



Adsorption of benzene, cyclohexane and hexane on ordered mesoporous carbon——Gang Wang, Baojuan Dou, Zhongshen Zhang, Junhui Wang, Haier Liu and Zhengping Hao  [35] [PDF]



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Bioreduction of vanadium (V) in groundwater by autohydrogentrophic bacteria: Mechanisms and microorganisms——Xiaoyin Xu, Siqing Xia, Lijie Zhou, Zhiqiang Zhang and Bruce E. Rittmann  [31] [PDF]



Rice: Reducing arsenic content by controlling water irrigation——Ashley M. Newbigging, Rebecca E. Paliwoda and X. Chris Le  [36] [PDF]



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Laccase-catalyzed bisphenol A oxidation in the presence of 10-propyl sulfonic acid phenoxazine——Rūta Ivanec-Goranina, Juozas Kulys, Irina Bachmatova, Liucija Marcinkevičienė and Rolandas Meškys  [32] [PDF]



Spatial heterogeneity of lake eutrophication caused by physiogeographic conditions: An analysis of 143 lakes in China——Jingtao Ding, Jinling Cao, Qigong Xu, Beidou Xi, Jing Su, Rutai Gao, Shouliang Huo and Hongliang Liu  [33] [PDF]



Anaerobic biodegradation of PAHs in mangrove sediment with amendment of NaHCO3——Chun-Hua Li, Yuk-Shan Wong, Hong-Yuan Wang and Nora Fung-Yee Tam  [32] [PDF]



Achieving nitritation at low temperatures using free ammonia inhibition on Nitrobacter and real-time control in an SBR treating landfill leachate——Hongwei Sun, Yongzhen Peng, Shuying Wang and Juan Ma  [29] [PDF]



Kinetics of Solvent Blue and Reactive Yellow removal using microwave radiation in combination with nanoscale zero-valent iron——Yanpeng Mao, Zhenqian Xi, Wenlong Wang, Chunyuan Ma and Qinyan Yue  [28] [PDF]



Environmental impacts of a large-scale incinerator with mixed MSW of high water content from a LCA perspective——Ziyang Lou, Bernd Bilitewski, Nanwen Zhu, Xiaoli Chai, Bing Li and Youcai Zhao  [28] [PDF]



Quantitative structure-biodegradability relationships for biokinetic parameter of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons——Peng Xu, Wencheng Ma, Hongjun Han, Shengyong Jia and Baolin Hou  [32] [PDF]



Serious BTEX pollution in rural area of the North China Plain during winter season——Kankan Liu, Chenglong Zhang, Ye Cheng, Chengtang Liu, Hongxing Zhang, Gen Zhang, Xu Sun and Yujing Mu  [31] [PDF]



Chemical composition and physical properties of filter fly ashes from eight grate-fired biomass combustion plants——Christof Lanzerstorfer  [28] [PDF]



Assessment of the sources and transformations of nitrogen in a plain river network region using a stable isotope approach——Jingtao Ding, Beidou Xi, Qigong Xu, Jing Su, Shouliang Huo, Hongliang Liu, Yijun Yu and Yanbo Zhang  [36] [PDF]



The performance of a combined nitritation-anammox reactor treating anaerobic digestion supernatant under various C/N ratios——Jian Zhao, Jiane Zuo, Jia Lin and Peng Li  [26] [PDF]



Coagulation behavior and floc properties of compound bioflocculant-polyaluminum chloride dual-coagulants and polymeric aluminum in low temperature surface water treatment——Xin Huang, Shenglei Sun, Baoyu Gao, Qinyan Yue, Yan Wang and Qian Li  [32] [PDF]



Accumulation and elimination of iron oxide nanomaterials in zebrafish (Danio rerio) upon chronic aqueous exposure——Yang Zhang, Lin Zhu, Ya Zhou and Jimiao Chen  [29] [PDF]



Impact of industrial effluent on growth and yield of rice (Oryza sativa L.) in silty clay loam soil——Mohammad Anwar Hossain, Golum Kibria Muhammad Mustafizur Rahman, Mohammad Mizanur Rahman, Abul Hossain Molla, Mohammad Mostafizur Rahman and Mohammad Khabir Uddin  [30] [PDF]



Molecular characterization of microbial communities in bioaerosols of a coal mine by 454 pyrosequencing and real-time PCR——Min Wei, Zhisheng Yu and Hongxun Zhang  [33] [PDF]



Risk assessment of Giardia from a full scale MBR sewage treatment plant caused by membrane integrity failure——Yu Zhang, Zhimin Chen, Wei An, Shumin Xiao, Hongying Yuan, Dongqing Zhang and Min Yang  [28] [PDF]



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