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Diffuse pollution: A hidden threat to the water environment of the developing world——Chengqing Yin and Xiaoyan Wang  [72] [PDF]



Managing agricultural phosphorus for water quality: Lessons from the USA and China——Andrew Sharpley and Xiaoyan Wang  [57] [PDF]



Uncertainty analyses on the calculation of water environmental capacity by an innovative holistic method and its application to the Dongjiang River——Qiuwen Chen,Qibin Wang,Zhijie Li and Ruonan Li  [49] [PDF]



Settling basin design in a constructed wetland using TSS removal efficiency and hydraulic retention time——Soyoung Lee,Marla C. Maniquiz-Redillas and Lee-Hyung Kim  [47] [PDF]



Contribution of atmospheric nitrogen deposition to diffuse pollution in a typical hilly red soil catchment in southern China——Jianlin Shen,Jieyun Liu,Yong Li,Yuyuan Li,Yi Wang,Xuejun Liu and Jinshui Wu  [50] [PDF]



Determination of nitrogen reduction levels necessary to reach groundwater quality targets in Slovenia——Miso Andelov,Ralf Kunkel,Jože Uhan and Frank Wendland  [42] [PDF]



Integral stormwater management master plan and design in an ecological community——Wu Che,Yang Zhao,Zheng Yang,Junqi Li and Man Shi  [40] [PDF]



Investigation on the effectiveness of pretreatment in stormwater management technologies——Marla C. Maniquiz-Redillas,Franz Kevin F. Geronimo and Lee-Hyung Kim  [44] [PDF]



Assessment of nutrient distributions in Lake Champlain using satellite remote sensing——Elizabeth M. Isenstein and Mi-Hyun Park  [35] [PDF]



Acute toxicity evaluation for quinolone antibiotics and their chlorination disinfection processes——Min Li,Dongbin Wei and Yuguo Du  [46] [PDF]



Occurrence, polarity and bioavailability of dissolved organic matter in the Huangpu River, China——Qianqian Dong,Penghui Li,Qinghui Huang,Ahmed A. Abdelhafez and Ling Chen  [42] [PDF]



A comparative study of biopolymers and alum in the separation and recovery of pulp fibres from paper mill effluent by flocculation——Sumona Mukherjee,Soumyadeep Mukhopadhyay,Agamuthu Pariatamby,Mohd. Ali Hashim,Jaya Narayan Sahu and Bhaskar Sen Gupta  [47] [PDF]



Performance and microbial response during the fast reactivation of Anammox system by hydrodynamic stress control——Yuan Li,Zhenxing Huang,Wenquan Ruan,Hongyan Ren and Hengfeng Miao  [38] [PDF]



Phytoremediation of levonorgestrel in aquatic environment by hydrophytes——Guo Li,Jun Zhai,Qiang He,Yue Zhi,Haiwen Xiao and Jing Rong  [38] [PDF]



Experimental study on the impact of temperature on the dissipation process of supersaturated total dissolved gas——Xia Shen,Shengyun Liu,Ran Li and Yangming Ou  [39] [PDF]



Removal of cobalt(Ⅱ) ion from aqueous solution by chitosan-montmorillonite——Hailin Wang,Haoqing Tang,Zhaotie Liu,Xin Zhang,Zhengping Hao and Zhongwen Liu  [44] [PDF]



p-Cresol mineralization and bacterial population dynamics in a nitrifying sequential batch reactor——Carlos David Silva,Lizeth Beristain-Montiel,Flor de Maria Cuervo-López and Anne-Claire Texier  [37] [PDF]



Particle number concentration, size distribution and chemical composition during haze and photochemical smog episodes in Shanghai——Xuemei Wang,Jianmin Chen,Tiantao Cheng,Renyi Zhang and Xinming Wang  [37] [PDF]



Properties of agricultural aerosol released during wheat harvest threshing, plowing and sowing——Chiara Telloli,Antonella Malaguti,Mihaela Mircea,Renzo Tassinari,Carmela Vaccaro and Massimo Berico  [40] [PDF]



Characteristics of nanoparticles emitted from burning of biomass fuels——Mitsuhiko Hata,Jiraporn Chomanee,Thunyapat Thongyen,Linfa Bao,Surajit Tekasakul,Perapong Tekasakul,Yoshio Otani and Masami Furuuchi  [35] [PDF]



Seasonal dynamics of water bloom-forming Microcystis morphospecies and the associated extracellular microcystin concentrations in large, shallow, eutrophic Dianchi Lake——Yanlong Wu,Lin Li,Nanqin Gan,Lingling Zheng,Haiyan Ma,Kun Shan,Jin Liu,Bangding Xiao and Lirong Song  [37] [PDF]



Mitochondrial electron transport chain is involved in microcystin-RR induced tobacco BY-2 cells apoptosis——Wenmin Huang,Dunhai Li and Yongding Liu  [36] [PDF]



Synthesis of novel CeO2-BiVO4/FAC composites with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic properties——Jin Zhang,Bing Wang,Chuang Li,Hao Cui,Jianping Zhai and Qin Li  [37] [PDF]



Investigation of UV-TiO2 photocatalysis and its mechanism in Bacillus subtilis spore inactivation——Yiqing Zhang,Lingling Zhou and Yongji Zhang  [33] [PDF]



Rapid detection of multiple class pharmaceuticals in both municipal wastewater and sludge with ultra high performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry——Xiangjuan Yuan,Zhimin Qiang,Weiwei Ben,Bing Zhu and Junxin Liu  [40] [PDF]



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