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Review of the progress in preparing nano TiO2: An important environmental engineering material——Yan Wang,Yiming He,Qinghua Lai and Maohong Fan  [330] [PDF]



Utilization of plant-based natural coagulants as future alternatives towards sustainable water clarification——Sook Yan Choy,Krishna Murthy Nagendra Prasad,Ta Yeong Wu,Mavinakere Eshwaraiah Raghunandan and Ramakrishnan Nagasundara Ramanan  [195] [PDF]



Effect of different molecular weight organic components on the increase of microbial growth potential of secondary effluent by ozonation——Xin Zhao,Hong-Ying Hu,Tong Yu,Chang Su,Haochi Jiang and Shuming Liu  [198] [PDF]



Perfluoroalkyl substances and organochlorine pesticides in sediments from Huaihe watershed in China——Jing Meng,Tieyu Wang,Pei Wang,John P. Giesy and Yonglong Lu  [170] [PDF]



Effects of pH on photochemical decomposition of perfluorooctanoic acid in different atmospheres by 185 nm vacuum ultraviolet——Yuan Wang and Pengyi Zhang  [171] [PDF]



Aerobic granules cultivated and operated in continuous-flow bioreactor under particle-size selective pressure——Hongbo Liu,Hang Xiao,Shuai Huang,Huijun Ma and He Liu  [171] [PDF]



Attenuation of arsenic in a karst subterranean stream and correlation with geochemical factors: A case study at Lihu, South China——Liankai Zhang,Hui Yang,Jiansheng Tang,Xiaoqun Qin and Au Yik Yu  [180] [PDF]



Nitrogen removal from coal gasification wastewater by activated carbon technologies combined with short-cut nitrogen removal process——Qian Zhao,Hongjun Han,Baolin Hou,Haifeng Zhuang,Shengyong Jia and Fang Fang  [178] [PDF]



Evaluating the emission status of light-duty gasoline vehicles and motorcycles in Macao with real-world remote sensing measurement——Yu Zhou,Ye Wu,Shaojun Zhang,Lixin Fu and Jiming Hao  [164] [PDF]



Experimental study of NO2 reduction in N2/Ar and O2/Ar mixtures by pulsed corona discharge——Xinbo Zhu,Chenghang Zheng,Xiang Gao,Xu Shen,Zhihua Wang,Zhongyang Luo and Kefa Cen  [159] [PDF]



Absorption characteristics of elemental mercury in mercury chloride solutions——Yongpeng Ma,Haomiao Xu,Zan Qu,Naiqiang Yan and Wenhua Wang  [158] [PDF]



Variations in stable hydrogen and oxygen isotopes in atmospheric water vapor in the marine boundary layer across a wide latitude range——Jingfeng Liu,Cunde Xiao,Minghu Ding and Jiawen Ren  [160] [PDF]



Effect of ammonium sulfate and urea on PCDD/F formation from active carbon and possible mechanism of inhibition——Mi Yan,Zhifu Qi,Jie Yang,Xiaodong Li,Jianli Ren and Zhang Xu  [143] [PDF]



Theoretical study on the degradation reaction of octachlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxin with atomic oxygen O(3P) in dielectric barrier discharge reactor——Chen Gong,Xiaomin Sun,Chenxi Zhang,Jingtian Hu and Chuansong Qi  [141] [PDF]



An assessment of the effectiveness and impact of electrokinetic remediation for pyrene-contaminated soil——Sujuan Xu,Shuhai Guo,Bo Wu,Fengmei Li and Tingting Li  [156] [PDF]



Effect of surfactant on phenanthrene metabolic kinetics by Citrobacter sp. SA01——Feng Li,Lizhong Zhu and Dong Zhang  [152] [PDF]



Cytochrome P450 BM3 of Bacillus megaterium—A possible endosulfan biotransforming gene——Muhil Vannan Seralathan,Saravanadevi Sivanesan,Amit Bafana,Sanjay Madanchand Kashyap,Arrigo Patrizio,Kannan Krishnamurthi and Tapan Chakrabarti  [155] [PDF]



Phosphatase activity and culture conditions of the yeast Candida mycoderma sp. and analysis of organic phosphorus hydrolysis ability——Mang Yan,Liufang Yu,Liang Zhang,Yuexia Guo,Kewei Dai and Yuru Chen  [153] [PDF]



Microencapsulated chlorpyrifos: Degradation in soil and influence on soil microbial community structures——Liezhong Chen,Yanli Li,Ting Wang,Yali Jiang,Kai Li and Yunlong Yu  [137] [PDF]



Molecular characterization and mRNA expression of ribosomal protein L8 in Rana nigromaculata during development and under exposure to hormones——Qinqin Lou,Shan Cao,Wei Xu,Yinfeng Zhang,Zhanfen Qin and Wuji Wei  [142] [PDF]



Spatial-temporal distribution and potential ecological risk assessment of nonylphenol and octylphenol in riverine outlets of Pearl River Delta, China——Ru Chen,Pinghe Yin,Ling Zhao,Qiming Yu,Aihua Hong and Shunshan Duan  [137] [PDF]



Synthesis and characterisation of potassium polytitanate for photocatalytic degradation of crystal violet——Mohammad Shahid,Ibrahim El Saliby,Andrew McDonagh,Leonard D. Tijing,Jong-Ho Kim and Ho Kyong Shon  [149] [PDF]



Ultrasonic preparation of nano-nickel/activated carbon composite using spent electroless nickel plating bath and application in degradation of 2,6-dichlorophenol——Jingyu Su,Guanping Jin,Changyong Li,Xiaohui Zhu,Yan Dou,Yong Li,Xin Wang,Kunwei Wang and Qianqian Gu  [161] [PDF]



Photocatalytic degradation of endocrine disruptor Bisphenol-A in the presence of prepared CexZn1-xO nanocomposites under irradiation of sunlight——Kamaraj M.,Ranjith K. S.,Rajeshwari Sivaraj,Rajendra Kumar R. T. and Hasna Abdul Salam  [172] [PDF]



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