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Progress in carbon dioxide separation and capture: A review
Hongqun Yang | Zhenghe Xu | Maohong Fan | Rajender Gupta | Rachid B Slimane | Alan E Bland | Ian Wright
This article reviews the progress made in CO2 separation and capture research and engineering. Various technologies, such as absorption, adsorption, and membrane separation, are thoroughly discussed....

Biodegradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) by fungal enzymes: A review
Tayssir Kadri | Tarek Rouissi | Satinder Kaur Brar | Maximiliano Cledon | Saurabhjyoti Sarma | Mausam Verma
January 2017
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are a large group of chemicals. They represent an important concern due to their widespread distribution in the environment, their resistance to biodegradation,...

A review on the generation, determination and mitigation of Urban Heat Island
Ahmed Memon RIZWAN | Leung Y.C. DENNIS | Chunho LIU
Urban Heat Island (UHI) is considered as one of the major problems in the 21st century posed to human beings as a result of urbanization and industrialization of human civilization. The large amount...

Microwave assisted digestion followed by ICP-MS for determination of trace metals in atmospheric and lake ecosystem
Manan Ahmed | Ying Hui Chin | Xinxin Guo | Xing-Min Zhao
May 2017
The study of trace metals in the atmosphere and lake water is important due to their critical effects on humans, aquatic animals and the geochemical balance of ecosystems. The objective of this study...

Constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment in cold climate — A review
Mo Wang | Dong Qing Zhang | Jian Wen Dong | Soon Keat Tan
July 2017
Constructed wetlands (CWs) have been successfully used for treating various wastewaters for decades and have been identified as a sustainable wastewater management option worldwide. However, the application...

Recent advances based on the synergetic effect of adsorption for removal of dyes from waste water using photocatalytic process
Subramanian Natarajan | Hari C. Bajaj | Rajesh J. Tayade
Available online 17 March 2017
The problem of textile dye pollution has been addressed by various methods, mainly physical, chemical, biological, and acoustical. These methods mainly separate and/or remove the dye present in water....

A review on current status of municipal solid waste management in India
Neha Gupta | Krishna Kumar Yadav | Vinit Kumar
1 November 2015
Municipal solid waste management is a major environmental issue in India. Due to rapid increase in urbanization, industrialization and population, the generation rate of municipal solid waste in Indian...

Interfacial mechanisms of heterogeneous Fenton reactions catalyzed by iron-based materials: A review
Jie He | Xiaofang Yang | Bin Men | Dongsheng Wang
January 2016
The heterogeneous Fenton reaction can generate highly reactive hydroxyl radicals (OH) from reactions between recyclable solid catalysts and H2O2 at acidic or even circumneutral pH. Hence, it can effectively...

Activated carbon adsorption of quinolone antibiotics in water: Performance, mechanism, and modeling
Hao Fu | Xuebing Li | Jun Wang | Pengfei Lin | Chao Chen | Xiaojian Zhang | I.H. (Mel) Suffet
June 2017
The extensive use of antibiotics has led to their presence in the aquatic environment, and introduces potential impacts on human and ecological health. The capability of powdered activated carbon (PAC)...

Development of metal organic framework-199 immobilized zeolite foam for adsorption of common indoor VOCs
Vipin K. Saini | Jo?o Pires
May 2017
Reticulated foam shaped adsorbents are more efficient for the removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), particularly from low VOC-concentration indoor air streams. In this study composite structure...

Molecular approaches for the detection and monitoring of microbial communities in bioaerosols: A review
Keunje Yoo | Tae Kwon Lee | Eun Joo Choi | Jihoon Yang | Sudheer Kumar Shukla | Sang-il Hwang | Joonhong Park
January 2017
Bioaerosols significantly affect atmospheric processes while they undergo long-range vertical and horizontal transport and influence atmospheric chemistry and physics and climate change. Accumulating...

Chloramine demand estimation using surrogate chemical and microbiological parameters
Sina Moradi | Sanly Liu | Christopher W.K. Chow | John van Leeuwen | David Cook | Mary Drikas | Rose Amal
July 2017
A model is developed to enable estimation of chloramine demand in full scale drinking water supplies based on chemical and microbiological factors that affect chloramine decay rate via nonlinear regression...

Accumulation of polybrominated diphenyl ethers in breast milk of women from an e-waste recycling center in China
Xinghong Li | Yuan Tian | Yun Zhang | Yujie Ben | Quanxia Lv
February 2017
Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) can be transferred to infants through the ingestion of breast milk, resulting in potential health risk. In this study, PBDEs, hydroxylated polybrominated diphenyl...

Air quality management in China: Issues, challenges, and options
Shuxiao Wang | Jiming Hao
January 2012
This article analyzed the control progress and current status of air quality, identified the major air pollution issues and challenges in future, proposed the long-term air pollution control targets,...

Pesticide exposures and respiratory health in general populations
Ming Ye | Jeremy Beach | Jonathan W. Martin | Ambikaipakan Senthilselvan
January 2017
Human exposures to pesticides can occur in the workplace, in the household and through the ambient environment. While several articles have reviewed the impact of pesticide exposures on human respiratory...

Temporal and spatial variation of nitrogen and phosphorus and eutrophication assessment for a typical arid river — Fuyang River in northern China
Wenqiang Zhang | Xin Jin | Dong Liu | Chao Lang | Baoqing Shan
May 2017
Based on water quality surveys over 2years (July to December, in 2014 and 2015) in a typical arid river in northern China the Xingtai segment of the Fuyang River basin — the variation of nitrogen (N)...

Phosphorus recovery from municipal and fertilizer wastewater: China's potential and perspective
Kuangxin Zhou | Matthias Barjenbruch | Christian Kabbe | Goulven Inial | Christian Remy
February 2017
Phosphorus (P) is a limited resource, which can neither be synthesized nor substituted in its essential functions as nutrient. Currently explored and economically feasible global reserves may be depleted...

Recent improvements in oily wastewater treatment: Progress, challenges, and future opportunities
Sanaa Jamaly | Adewale Giwa | Shadi Wajih Hasan
1 November 2015
Oily wastewater poses significant threats to the soil, water, air and human beings because of the hazardous nature of its oil contents. The objective of this review paper is to highlight the current...

Biochar: A review of its impact on pesticide behavior in soil environments and its potential applications
Mahdi Safaei Khorram | Qian Zhang | Dunli Lin | Yuan Zheng | Hua Fang | Yunlong Yu
June 2016
Biochar is produced from the pyrolysis of carbon-rich plant- and animal-residues under low oxygen and high temperature conditions and has been increasingly used for its positive role in soil compartmentalization...

Review of the progress in preparing nano TiO2: An important environmental engineering material
Yan Wang | Yiming He | Qinghua Lai | Maohong Fan
1 November 2014
TiO2 nanomaterial is promising with its high potential and outstanding performance in photocatalytic environmental applications, such as CO2 conversion, water treatment, and air quality control. For...

Adsorption–desorption behavior of atrazine on agricultural soils in China
Lin Yue | ChengJun Ge | Dan Feng | Huamei Yu | Hui Deng | Bomin Fu
July 2017
Adsorption and desorption are important processes that affect atrazine transport, transformation, and bioavailability in soils. In this study, the adsorption–desorption characteristics of atrazine in...

Disseminating near-real-time hazards information and flood maps in the Philippines through Web-GIS
Alfredo Mahar Francisco A. Lagmay | Bernard Alan Racoma | Ken Adrian Aracan | Jenalyn Alconis-Ayco | Ivan Lester Saddi
Available online 18 March 2017
The Philippines being a locus of tropical cyclones, tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, is a hotbed of disasters. These natural hazards inflict loss of lives and costly damage to property....

Effects of synthesis methods on catalytic activities of CoOx–TiO2 for low-temperature NH3-SCR of NO
Li Zhu | Yiqing Zeng | Shule Zhang | Jinli Deng | Qin Zhong
April 2017
A series of cobalt doped TiO2 (Co-TiO2) and CoOx loaded TiO2 (Co/TiO2) catalysts prepared by sol–gel and impregnation methods respectively were investigated on selective catalytic reduction with NH3...

Advances in photocatalytic disinfection of bacteria: Development of photocatalysts and mechanisms
Wanjun Wang | Guocheng Huang | Jimmy C. Yu | Po Keung Wong
1 August 2015
Photocatalysis has attracted worldwide attention due to its potential in solar energy conversion. As a “green” advanced oxidation technology, it has been extensively used for water disinfection and...

An economic assessment of the health effects and crop yield losses caused by air pollution in mainland China
Weijie Miao | Xin Huang | Yu Song
June 2017
Air pollution is severe in China, and pollutants such as PM2.5 and surface O3 may cause major damage to human health and crops, respectively. Few studies have considered the health effects of PM2.5...

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