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Urban recreational water – potential breeding ground for antibiotic resistant bacteria?
  JingYang Xu,Connie Le,Baowei Chen,Hongquan Zhang
  2019(7):1-3 [Abstract(137)]  [View PDF 3.05 M (153)]
Purification of starch and phosphorus wastewater using core-shell magnetic seeds prepared by sulfated roasting
  Chunjie Du,Jinsheng Yu,Wei Sun,Haisheng Han,Yuehua Hu,Pan Chen,Panpan Hou,Runqing Liu,Li Wang,Yue Yang,Ruohua Liu,Lei Sun
  2019(7):4-16 [Abstract(131)]  [View PDF 4.73 M (160)]
Application of a hybrid gravity-driven membrane filtration and dissolved ozone flotation (MDOF) process for wastewater reclamation and membrane fouling mitigation
  Xin Jin,Wei Wang,Shuai Wang,Pengkang Jin,Xiaochang C. Wang,Wushou Zhang,Weijun An,Yong Wang
  2019(7):17-27 [Abstract(192)]  [View PDF 6.80 M (116)]
Stabilization of nanoscale zero-valent iron in water with mesoporous carbon (nZVI@MC)
  Junming Shi,Jing Wang,Wei Wang,Wei Teng,Wei-xian Zhang
  2019(7):28-33 [Abstract(178)]  [View PDF 6.02 M (167)]
A strategy for enhancing anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge: Driving anodic oxidation by adding nitrate into microbial electrolysis cell
  Hong Peng,Zhiqiang Zhao,Hong Xiao,Yafei Yang,Huimin Zhao,Yaobin Zhang
  2019(7):34-42 [Abstract(105)]  [View PDF 8.03 M (109)]
Deactivation of Cu-SAPO-34 by urea-related deposits at low temperatures and the regeneration
  Yue Ma,Xiaodong Wu,Junyu Zhang,Rui Ran,Zhichun Si,Duan Weng
  2019(7):43-51 [Abstract(137)]  [View PDF 5.69 M (151)]
Research progress of disinfection and disinfection by-products in China
  Xuefeng Sun,Miao Chen,Dongbin Wei,Yuguo Du
  2019(7):52-67 [Abstract(170)]  [View PDF 2.31 M (296)]
Effect of Co(II) dopant on the removal of Methylene Blue by a dense copper terephthalate
  Chompoonoot Nanthamathee
  2019(7):68-79 [Abstract(109)]  [View PDF 7.06 M (130)]
Vertical response of microbial community and degrading genes to petroleum hydrocarbon contamination in saline alkaline soil
  Qinglong Liu,Jingchun Tang,Xiaomei Liu,Benru Song,Meinan Zhen,Nicholas J. Ashbolt
  2019(7):80-92 [Abstract(137)]  [View PDF 4.60 M (158)]
Emission factors of particulate matter, CO and CO2 in the pyrolytic processing of typical electronic wastes
  Liyuan Chen,Chuanyang Cai,Shuangyu Yu,Yu Liu,Shu Tao,Wenxin Liu
  2019(7):93-101 [Abstract(130)]  [View PDF 3.31 M (130)]
Influence of physiological and environmental factors on the diurnal variation in emissions of biogenic volatile compounds from Pinus tabuliformis
  Jungang Chen,Huaxing Bi,Xinxiao Yu,Yanlin Fu,Wenchao Liao
  2019(7):102-118 [Abstract(100)]  [View PDF 7.08 M (114)]
Current status of applying microwave-associated catalysis for the degradation of organics in aqueous phase – A review
  Chao Xue,Yanpeng Mao,Wenlong Wang,Zhanlong Song,Xiqiang Zhao,Jing Sun,Yanxiang Wang
  2019(7):119-135 [Abstract(103)]  [View PDF 2.55 M (133)]
In situ synthesis of potassium tungstophosphate supported on BEA zeolite and perspective application for pesticide removal
  Bojana Nedić Vasiljević,Milena Obradović,Danica Bajuk-Bogdanović,Maja Milojević-Rakić,Zoran Jovanović,Nemanja Gavrilov,Ivanka Holclajtner-Antunović
  2019(7):136-147 [Abstract(111)]  [View PDF 6.28 M (135)]
Characterizing oxygenated volatile organic compounds and their sources in rural atmospheres in China
  Yu Han,Xiaofeng Huang,Chuan Wang,Bo Zhu,Lingyan He
  2019(7):148-155 [Abstract(107)]  [View PDF 3.50 M (130)]
Occurrence and distribution of antibiotic resistance genes in the sediments of the East China Sea bays
  Jiayu Chen,Zhiguo Su,Tianjiao Dai,Bei Huang,Qinglin Mu,Yongming Zhang,Donghui Wen
  2019(7):156-167 [Abstract(100)]  [View PDF 5.33 M (145)]
Application of a green coagulant with PACl in efficient purification of turbid water and its mechanism study
  Yuxiang Xue,Zhouzhou Liu,Aimin Li,Hu Yang
  2019(7):168-180 [Abstract(128)]  [View PDF 2.64 M (127)]
Recent advances in thin film composites membranes for brackish groundwater treatment with critical focus on Saskatchewan water sources
  Arash Mollahosseini,Amira Abdelrasoul
  2019(7):181-194 [Abstract(133)]  [View PDF 6.24 M (147)]
Effect of preparation methods on the performance of CuFe-SSZ-13 catalysts for selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3
  Yijiao Wang,Lijuan Xie,Fudong Liu,Wenquan Ruan
  2019(7):195-204 [Abstract(182)]  [View PDF 8.63 M (140)]
Potential factors and mechanism of particulate matters explosive increase induced by free radicals oxidation
  Guoying Wang,Shiming Jia,Xiuli Niu,Haoqi Tian,Yanrong Liu,Zhong Xie,Chao Liu,Yucan Dong,Ying Su,Jianglei Yu,Gaofeng Shi,Xuefu Chen,Lan Li,Peng Zhang
  2019(7):205-213 [Abstract(118)]  [View PDF 6.08 M (121)]
An efficient way to enhance the total nitrogen removal efficiency of the Anammox process by S0-based short-cut autotrophic denitrification
  Fangmin Chen,Xiang Li,Yan Yuan,Yong Huang
  2019(7):214-224 [Abstract(148)]  [View PDF 3.00 M (127)]
A framework for investigating the air quality variation characteristics based on the monitoring data: Case study for Beijing during 2013–2016
  Jixian Cui,Jianlei Lang,Tian Chen,Shushuai Mao,Shuiyuan Cheng,Zhanshan Wang,Nianliang Cheng
  2019(7):225-237 [Abstract(142)]  [View PDF 6.24 M (124)]

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