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1CuO-modified activated carbon for the improvement of toluene removal in air
Volume 88, Issue , 2020, Pages 122-132
Bingman Lei,Biyan Liu,Huijun Zhang,Libei Yan,Hongmei Xie,Guilin Zhou
Abstract[145]   PDF
2Superior trichloroethylene removal from water by sulfide-modified nanoscale zero-valent iron/graphene aerogel composite
Volume 88, Issue , 2020, Pages 90-102
Qiong Bin,Bin Lin,Ke Zhu,Yaqian Shen,Yuanyuan Man,Boyang Wang,Changfei Lai,Wenjin Chen
Abstract[113]   PDF
3The short-chain perfluorinated compounds PFBS, PFHxS, PFBA and PFHxA, disrupt human mesenchymal stem cell self-renewal and adipogenic differentiation
Volume 88, Issue , 2020, Pages 187-199
Shuyu Liu,Renjun Yang,Nuoya Yin,Francesco Faiola
Abstract[495]   PDF
4VxMn(4 − x)Mo3Ce3/Ti catalysts for selective catalytic reduction of NO by NH3
Volume 88, Issue , 2020, Pages 145-154
Daojun Zhang,Ziran Ma,Baodong Wang,Tao Zhu,Duan Weng,Xiaodong Wu,Hongyan Wang,Ge Li,Jiali Zhou
Abstract[118]   PDF
5Diclofenac sodium aqueous systems at low concentrations: Interconnection between physicochemical properties and action on hydrobionts
Volume 88, Issue , 2020, Pages 177-186
Irina S. Ryzhkina,Yuliya V. Kiseleva,Lyaisan I. Murtazina,Tatyana V. Kuznetsova,Erik R. Zainulgabidinov,Igor V. Knyazev,Andrew M. Petrov,Sergey E. Kondakov,Alexander I. Konovalov
Abstract[324]   PDF
6Transformation and removal of ammonium sulfate aerosols and ammonia slip from selective catalytic reduction in wet flue gas desulfurization system
Volume 88, Issue , 2020, Pages 72-80
Teng Cheng,Xincheng Zhou,Linjun Yang,Hao Wu,Hongmei Fan
Abstract[113]   PDF
7Preliminary study on the electrocatalytic performance of an iron biochar catalyst prepared from iron-enriched plants
Volume 88, Issue , 2020, Pages 81-89
Xinqiang Cao,Yingping Huang,Changcun Tang,Jianzhu Wang,David Jonson,Yanfen Fang
Abstract[107]   PDF
8Innovatively employing magnetic CuO nanosheet to activate peroxymonosulfate for the treatment of high-salinity organic wastewater
Volume 88, Issue , 2020, Pages 46-58
Zhendong Li,Yanmei Sun,Wenli Huang,Cheng Xue,Yan Zhu,Qianwen Wang,Dongfang Liu
Abstract[105]   PDF
9Photocatalytic performance and dispersion stability of nanodispersed TiO2 hydrosol in electrolyte solutions with different cations
Volume 88, Issue , 2020, Pages 59-71
Zixiao Wang,Pan Feng,Heng Chen,Qingliang Yu
Abstract[102]   PDF
10Chlorine removal from MSWI fly ash by thermal treatment: Effects of iron/aluminum additives
Volume 88, Issue , 2020, Pages 112-121
Kaixing Zhao,Yuyan Hu,Yuyi Tian,Dezhen Chen,Yuheng Feng
Abstract[108]   PDF
11Robust magnetic laccase-mimicking nanozyme for oxidizing o-phenylenediamine and removing phenolic pollutants
Volume 88, Issue , 2020, Pages 103-111
Siqi Zhang,Feifei Lin,Qipeng Yuan,Juewen Liu,Ye Li,Hao Liang
Abstract[106]   PDF
12A review of electrokinetically enhanced bioremediation technologies for PHs
Volume 88, Issue , 2020, Pages 31-45
Anish Saini,Dawit Nega Bekele,Sreenivasulu Chadalavada,Cheng Fang,Ravi Naidu
Abstract[110]   PDF
13Regulated emission characteristics of in-use LNG and diesel semi-trailer towing vehicles under real driving conditions using PEMS
Volume 88, Issue , 2020, Pages 155-164
Liqun Lv,Yunshan Ge,Zhe Ji,Jianwei Tan,Xin Wang,Lijun Hao,Zhiwei Wang,Mengzhu Zhang,Chunjie Wang,Haidan Liu
Abstract[100]   PDF
14Influence of the structure and composition of Fe–Mn binary oxides on rGO on As(III) removal from aquifers
Volume 88, Issue , 2020, Pages 133-144
Tao Sha,Wenhua Hu,Jun Dong,Zifang Chi,Yongsheng Zhao,Huazheng Huang
Abstract[105]   PDF
15Bioassay: A useful tool for evaluating reclaimed water safety
Volume 88, Issue , 2020, Pages 165-176
Jianying Xu,Dongbin Wei,Feipeng Wang,Chenzhong Bai,Yuguo Du
Abstract[334]   PDF
16Synchronous removal of CuO nanoparticles and Cu2+ by polyaluminum chloride-Enteromorpha polysaccharides: Effect of Al species and pH
Volume 88, Issue , 2020, Pages 1-11
Yuanxia Luo,Baoyu Gao,Jie Wang,Qinyan Yue
Abstract[111]   PDF
17Optimizing sludge dewatering with a combined conditioner of Fenton's reagent and cationic surfactant
Volume 88, Issue , 2020, Pages 21-30
Dong-Qin He,Jing-Yi Chen,Bo Bao,Xiang-Liang Pan,Jun Li,Chen Qian,Han-Qing Yu
Abstract[105]   PDF
18One representative water supply system in China with nitrosamine concern: Challenges and treatment strategies
Volume 88, Issue , 2020, Pages 12-20
Yu Qiu,Er Bei,Yufang Wang,Jun Wang,Xiaojian Zhang,Chao Chen
Abstract[124]   PDF
19Effect of initial material bulk density and easily-degraded organic matter content on temperature changes during composting of cucumber stalk
Volume , Issue 6, 2019, Pages 306-315
Ruixue Chang,Qiuyue Guo,Qing Chen,Maria Pilar Bernal,Qian Wang,Yanming Li
Abstract[178]   PDF[227]
20Highly selective catalytic reduction of NOxby MnOx–CeO2–Al2O3 catalysts prepared by self-propagating high-temperature synthesis
Volume , Issue 1, 2019, Pages 124-135
Chao Wang, Feng Yu, Mingyuan Zhu, Changjin Tang, Ke Zhang, Dan Zhao, Lin Dong and Bin Dai
Abstract[205]   PDF[381]
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