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Volume 11,1999,Pages 195-199

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The forest landscape has been highly fragmented in Donglingshan montane region, Beijing, China, where the folding degree of patch perimeters considerately influenced the spatial distribution of biological diversity, therefore the quantitative description to it is very helpful to conservation biology studies. The fractal dimensions of landscape patch perimeters of this region were estimated and compared. The results showed that fractal dimensions of all the landscape types were between 1.00 and 1.58. The fractal dimensions of natural vegetation types were higher than that of artificial vegetation type. Where forests (1.21) and shrubs (1.24) are near to farmland (1.12), so they were both highly disturbed by human activities regarding the smallest mean patch areas. But the grassland (1.58) had the largest mean patch area, its disturbance intensity was the lowest in this region. The fractal dimension of the overall landscape was 1.24, which was near to those of forests and shrubs, and obviously different from those of farmland and grassland. The fractal dimension of the overall landscape was 1.13 in small scales, and that was 1.65 in large scales. Which means that a large number of small area patches had regular perimeters, their fragment degrees were higher; whereas the large area patches had folding perimeters, their fragment degrees were lower, they had smaller patch numbers, however occupied most of the landscape area. Large areas and highly folded perimeters were the main property of the landscape patch in Donglingshan montane region.

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