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Received June 25, 2001,Revised November 30, 2001, Accepted , Available online

Volume 14,2002,Pages 296-302

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Simultaneous removals of dye and nitrate by photo-dependent denitrifying sludge(PDDS) have been demonstrated in a continuousflow bench-scale reactor.The best C/N for the degradation of azo dyes by PDDS was 1.5.The specific removal rate of azo dye AB92 decreased with a decrease in hydraulic retention time and increased with a decrease in solids retention time.The degradation rate of TOC decreased with a decrease in hydraulic retention time.AB92,which has nitro and hydroxyl substitutions in non-para positions,was uniquely degraded.During continuous flow treatment experiments using PDDS,complete degradation of azo dyes AB92 and AO20 at influent concentrations of 40 mg/L and 30 mg/L,respectively,was achieved with an HRT of 16.

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