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Received October 30, 2001,Revised December 28, 2001, Accepted , Available online

Volume 15,2003,Pages 60-64

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A photoelectrochemical process in the degradation of anazodye (Acid Orange II) on a Pt/TiO2 film electrode wasinvestigated. By using the glass device and the voltage stabilizedsource of direct current, decolorization ratios higher than 78%were observed during a period of 5h. Comparing this value with thesum of the decolorization ratios obtained by a sole application ofelectrochemical(lower than 3%) and photochemical(about 23%)procedures, a significant synergic effect between both processeswas observed. The effects of adscititious voltage and pH value onthe decolorization ratios were obvious while the effect of theamount of aeration was minor

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