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Volume 15,2003,Pages 284-288

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Wulingyuan is located at the mountainous area of the middle reach of the Yangtze River, it is one of the three nature heritages inChina which ranks in the "List of World's Heritage" by UNESCO.It is characterized by quartz sandstone peaks landform with several landformcomponents(pattern, corridor) and rich in landscape ecological diversity and biodiversity.The main patterns(ecosystem) include mid-heightmountain peaks, rift-valley and streams among peaks, peaks and gullies on slopes, square mountain-platforms and peaks among blind valleysand so on.The corridor system consists of natural corridors and artificial corridors among which the stream corridors account for a major part.The fracturing of habitat is unfavorable for the biodiversity conservation, but meanwhile the habitat diversity leads to an increase in biodiversity.Therefore, it is still rich in landscape ecological diversity in Wulingyuan.The biodiversity at the level of landscape component(ecosystem) and the function of the Wulingyuan complex ecosystem, and the measures for the biodiversity conservation in Wulingyuan ecotourism area arediscussed in this paper.

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