Effects of salinity on activities of H+-ATPase, H+-PPase and membrane lipid composition in plasma membrane and tonoplast vesicles isolated from soybean (Glycine max L.) seedlings

YU Bing-jun , LAM Hon-ming , SHAO Gui-hua , LIU You-ling


Received April 12, 2004,Revised August 02, 2004, Accepted , Available online

Volume 17,2005,Pages 259-262

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The effects of NaCl stress on the H+ -ATPase, H+ -PPase activity and lipid composition of plasma membrane(PM) and tonoplast(TP) vesicles isolated from roots and leaves of two soybean cultivars( Glycine max L. ) differing in salt tolerance(Wenfeng7,salt-tolerant; Union, salt-sensitive) were investigated. When Wenfeng7 was treated with 0.3% (W/V) NaCl for 3 d, the H+ -ATPase activities in PM and TP from roots and leaves exhibited a reduction and an enhancement, respectively. The H+ -PPase activity in TP from roots also increased. Similar effects were not observed in roots of Union. In addition, the increases of phospholipid content and ratios ofphospholipid to galactolipid in PM and TP from roots and leaves of Wenfeng7 may also change membrane permeability and hence affect salt tolerance.

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