Relationship between urban eco-environment and competitiveness with the background of globalization: Statistical explanation based on industry type newly classified with environment demand and environment pressure

KANG Xiao-guang , MA Qing-bin


Received April 05, 2004,Revised July 08, 2004, Accepted , Available online

Volume 17,2005,Pages 344-349

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Within the global urban system, the statistical relationship between urban eco-environment(UE) and urban competitiveness(UC) (RUEC) is researched. Data showed that there is a statistically inverted-U relationship between UE and UC. Eco-environmental factor is put into the classification of industries, and gets six industrial types by two indexes viz. industries' eco-environmental demand and pressure. The statistical results showed that there is a strong relationship, for new industrial classification, between the changes of industrial structure and evolvement of UE. The drive mechanism of the evolvement of urban eco-environment, with human demand and global work division was analyzed.The conclusion is that the development stratege, industrial policies of cities, and environmental policies fo cities must be fit with their ranks among the global urban system. At the era of globalization, so far as the environmental policies, their rationality could not be assessed with the level of strictness, but it can enhance cities' competitiveness when they are fit with cities' capabilities to attract and control some sections of the industry's value-chain. None but these kinds of environmental policies can probably enhance the UC.

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