Screening on oil-decomposing microorganisms and application in organic waste treatment machine

LU Yi-tong , CHEN Xiao-bin , ZHOU Pei , LI Zhen-hong


Received July 01, 2004,Revised August 03, 2004, Accepted , Available online

Volume 17,2005,Pages 440-444

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As an oil-decomposable mixture of two bacteria strains ( Bacillus sp. and Pseudomonas sp. ), Y3 was isolated after 50 d domestication under the condition that oil was used as the limited carbon source. The decomposing rate by Y3 was higher than that by each separate individual strain, indicating a synergistic effect of the two bacteria. Under the conditions that T = 25-40℃, pH = 6-8, HRT(Hydraulic retention time) = 36 h and the oil concentration at 0.1%, Y3 yielded the highest decomposing rate of 95.7 %. Y3 was also applied in an organic waste treatment machine and a certain rate of activated bacteria was put into the stuffing. A series of tests including humidity, pH, temperature, C/N rate and oil percentage of the stuffing were carried out to check the efficacy of oil-decomposition. Results showed that the oil content of the stuffing with inoculums was only half of that of the control. Furthermore, the bacteria were also beneficial to maintain the stability of the machine operating. Therefore, the bacteria mixture as well as the machines in this study could be very useful for waste treatment.

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