Contamination of soil, leaves and vegetables by polychlorinated biphenyls in Xiamen region, China

MASKAOUI Khalid , ZHOU Jun-liang , HAN Ya-li , HU Zhong , ZHENG Tian-ling , HONG Hua-sheng


Received August 17, 2004,Revised September 12, 2004, Accepted , Available online

Volume 17,2005,Pages 460-464

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The paper aimed to identify the primary of polychlorinated biphenyls(PCBs) in the diulong River Estuary, investigate the spatial distribution of PCBs contamination in the environment, localize the atmospheric source and evaluate ongoing PCBs emissions by analyzing soil samples collected along the Jiulong River region. In addition, the accumulation of PCBs in the human food chain was quantified by analyzing leaf of orange trees and vegetable samples collected along a gradient of soil/atmospheric contamination moving away from the source. Consequently, the impact on the human health and the ecosystem was quantified, different management options were proposedto reduce this impact and to carry out research on organic contaminants along the Jiulong River and Xiamen region.

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