Effects of exogenous Ca2+ on the membrane permeability, MDA and SH group content of Alexandrium sp. LC3 under surfactant stress

LI Hao , MIAO Jin-lai , CUI Feng-xia , LIU Xiao-guang , LI Guang-you


Received July 13, 2004,Revised August 24, 2004, Accepted , Available online

Volume 17,2005,Pages 499-502

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The effect of Ca2+ on the removal of Alexandrium sp. LC3 under HDTMAB stress was investigated. The results showed that the toxic effect of HDTMAB on Alexandrium sp. LC3 was significantly reduced in the presence of Ca2+ , especially under 4 mmol/L of Ca2+ .To understand the underlying mechanism, the SH group and MDA content of the cell membrane and membrane permeability were measured. It was found that the SH content of cell member increased, the MDA content and membrane permeability decreased when Alexandrium sp. was treated with Ca2+ and HDTMAB complex, compared with using HDTMAB only. The data suggested that Ca2+ might promote HDTMAB stress resistance of Alexandrium sp. LC3 by reducing the permeability and increasing the stability of cell membrane.

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