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Reaction mode between Si and Fe and evaluation of optimal species inpoly-silicic-ferric coagulant

FU Ying , YU Shui-li , YU Yan-zhen , QIU Li-ping , HUI Ban


Received July 21, 2006,Revised November 30, 2006, Accepted , Available online

Volume 19,2007,Pages 678-688

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A kind of Fe-polysilicate polymer, poly-silicic-ferric (PSF) coagulant was prepared by co-polymerization (hydroxylation of mixture of Fe3+ and fresh polysilicic acid (PS)), in which PSF0.5, PSF1 or PSF3 denotes Si/Fe molar ratio of 0.5, 1 or 3, respectively. The e ects of Si/Fe ratio and reaction time (co-polymerization time or aging time) on the reaction mode between Si and Fe were studies, and the optimal species of PSF was evaluated by pH change during the preparation of PSF and coagulation tests. The results showed that the characteristics of PSF are largely a ected by both reaction time and Si/Fe ratio. PSF is found to be a essential complex of Si, Fe, and many other ions. The reaction mode between Si and Fe di ers with various Si/Fe ratios. The pH of PSF0.5, PSF1 or PSF3 tended to be stable when reaction time is 10, 25 or 55 min, respectively, which is almost consistent with the time reaching the relative stable morphology that is just the optimal species of higher coagulation e ciency. The optimal reaction time reaching optimal species can be evaluated by measuring the pH change during the polymerization process.

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