Atmospheric environment

Effects of seed aerosols on the growth of secondary organic aerosols from thephotooxidation of toluene

HAO Li-qing , WANG Zhen-ya , HUANG Ming-qiang , FANG Li , ZHANG Wei-jun


Received July 06, 2006,Revised November 01, 2006, Accepted , Available online

Volume 19,2007,Pages 704-708

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Hydroxyl radical (.OH)-initiated photooxidation reaction of toluene was carried out in a self-made smog chamber. Four individual seed aerosols such as ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, sodium silicate and calcium chloride, were introduced into the chamber to assess their influence on the growth of secondary organic aerosols (SOA). It was found that the low concentration of seed aerosols might lead to high concentration of SOA particles. Seed aerosols would promote rates of SOA formation at the start of the reaction and inhibit its formation rate with prolonging the reaction time. In the case of ca. 9000 pt/cm3 seed aerosol load, the addition of sodium silicate induced a same e ect on the SOA formation as ammonium nitrate. The influence of the four individual seed aerosols on the generation of SOA decreased in the order of calcium chloride>sodium silicate and ammonium nitrate>ammonium sulfate.

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