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Effect of sulfate on the methanogenic activity of a bacterial culture from abrewery wastewater during glucose degradation

Nusara Sinbuathong , Sutha Khaodhiar , Winai Liengcharernsit , Pramote Sirirote , Daniel Watts


Received February 08, 2007,Revised April 04, 2007, Accepted , Available online

Volume 19,2007,Pages 1025-1027

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The maximum specific methanogenic activity (SMA) of a sludge originating from a brewery wastewater treatment plant on the degradation of glucose was investigated at various levels of sulfate on a specific loading basis. Batch experiments were conducted in serum bottles at pH 7 and 35℃. A comparison of the values indicates that the SMA of this mixed culture was increased and reached its highest level of 0.128 g CH4 gas COD/(g VSS·d) when biomass was in contact with sulfate at a ratio of 1:0.114 by weight.

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