Environmental catalysis and materials

Experimental study on MSW gasification and melting technology

XIAO Gang , JIN Bao-sheng , ZHONG Zhao-ping , CHI Yong , NI Ming-jiang , CEN Ke-fa , XIAO Rui , HUANG Ya-ji , HUANG He


Received January 27, 2007,Revised July 12, 2007, Accepted , Available online

Volume 19,2007,Pages 1398-1403

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In order to develop municipal solid waste (MSW) gasification and melting technology, two preliminary experiments and a principle integrated experiment were fulfilled respectively. The gasification characteristics of MSW were studied at 500–750℃ when equivalence ratio (ER) was 0.2–0.5 using a fluidized-bed gasifier. When temperature was 550–700℃ and ER was 0.2–0.4, low heat value (LHV) of syngas reaches 4000–12000 kJ/Nm3. The melting characteristics of fly ash were investigated at 1100–1460℃ using a fixed-bed furnace. It was proved that over 99.9% of dioxins could be decomposed and most heavy-metals could be solidified when temperature was 1100–1300℃. The principle integrated experiment was carried out in a fluidized-bed gasification and swirl-melting system. MSW was gasified e ciently at 550–650℃, swirl-melting furnace maintains at 1200–1300℃ stably and over 95% of fly ash could be caught by the swirl-melting furnace. The results provided much practical experience and basic data to develop MSW gasification and melting technology.

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