Terrestrial environment

A win-win technique of stabilizing sand dune and purifying paper millblack-liquor

WANG Hanjie , Penning de Vries FRITS , JIN Yongcan


Received January 19, 2008,Revised August 06, 2008, Accepted , Available online

Volume 21,2009,Pages 488-493

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The principle and technique were reported here to produce lignin-based sand stabilizing material (LSSM) using extracted lignin from black liquor of straw paper mills. Field tests using LSSM to stabilize and green sand dunes were started in 2002. The field experiment was carried out in August 2005 when the newly formed plant community was 3 years old. The results from the comprehensive field experiment demonstrated that unlike polyvinyl acetate or foamed asphalt commonly used for dune stabilization, LSSM was plantfriendly material and could be used in combination with seeding and planting of desert species. With the help of LSSM, the desert species (i.e., Agriophyllum squarrosum (L.) Moq. and Artemisia desertorum Spreng. etc.) could be used to form community in 2–3 yeas and to stabilize sand dune e ectively. The newly formed community was sustainable under an extremely dry climate condition. The organic matter and total nitrogen in the soil increased significantly as the community were formed, while the change in P and K contents in the soil was negligible.

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