Special issue: IAP 2010

Mini-Review: Green sustainable processes using supercriticalfluid carbon dioxide

RAMSEY Edward , SUN Qiubai , ZHANG Zhiqiang , ZHANG Chongmin , GOU Wei


Received ,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 21,2009,Pages 720-726

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Environmentally benign carbon dioxide o ers significant potential in its supercritical fluid phase to replace current reliance on a range of hazardous, relatively expensive and environmentally damaging organic solvents that are used on an extensive global basis. The unique combination of the physical properties of supercritical fluids are being exploited and further researched to continue the development and establishment of high e ciency, compact plant to provide energy and water e cient manufacturing processes. This mini-review is focused on the use and potential applications of supercritical fluid carbon dioxide for a selected range of key and emerging industrial processes as a sustainable alternative to totally eliminate or greatly reduce the requirement of numerous conventional organic solvents. Examples of the industries include: chemical extraction and purification, synthetic chemical reactions including polymerization and inorganic catalytic processes. Biochemical reactions involving enzymes, particle size engineering, textile dyeing and advanced material manufacture provide further illustrations of vital industrial activities where supercritical fluid technology processes are being implemented or developed. Some aspects relating to the economics of sustainable supercritical fluid carbon dioxide processes are also considered.

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