Terrestrial environment

Cadmium uptake and speciation changes in the rhizosphere of cadmiumaccumulator and non-accumulator oilseed rape varieties

SU Dechun , XING Jianping , JIAO Weiping , WONG Woonchung


Received October 15, 2008,Revised December 31, 2008, Accepted , Available online

Volume 21,2009,Pages 1125-1128

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Characteristics of cadmium (Cd) uptake kinetics and distribution of Cd speciation in the rhizosphere for Cd accumulator and nonaccumulator oilseed rape varieties were investigated under nutrient solution and rhizobox soil culture conditions. The results showed that the maximal influx (Vmax) for Cd2+ and Km were significantly di erent for the two oilseed rape varieties. The value of Vmax for Cd accumulator oilseed rape Zhucang Huazi was two-fold greater than that for oilseed rape Chuan you II-93. The exchangeable Cd concentration in the rhizosphere was significantly lower than in non-rhizospheric soils supplemented with CdSO4 for both the varieties. Carbonate-bound Cd in the rhizosphere of Cd accumulator oilseed rape was significantly higher than that in the rhizosphere of nonaccumulator oilseed rape and non-rhizospheric soil. Cd accumulator oilseed rape had a higher Cd2+ a nity and more ability to uptake insoluble Cd in the soil than the non-accumulator oilseed rape.

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