Terrestrial environment

Soil temperature and moisture sensitivities of soil CO2 e ux before and aftertillage in a wheat field of Loess Plateau, China

Hongxing Zhang , Xiaoke Wang , Zongwei Feng , Junzhu Pang , Fei Lu , Zhiyun Ouyang , Hua Zheng , Wenzhao Liu , Dafeng Hui


Received March 24, 2010,Revised May 26, 2010, Accepted , Available online

Volume 23,2011,Pages 79-86

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As a conventional farming practice, tillage has lasted for thousands of years in Loess Plateau, China. Although recent studies show that tillage is a prominent culprit to soil carbon loss in croplands, few studies have investigated the influences of tillage on the responses of soil CO2 e ux (SCE) to soil temperature and moisture. Using a multi-channel automated CO2 e ux chamber system, we measured SCE in situ continuously before and after the conventional tillage in a rain fed wheat field of Loess Plateau, China. The changes in soil temperature and moisture sensitivities of SCE, denoted by the Q10 value and linear regression slope respectively, were compared in the same range of soil temperature and moisture before and after the tillage. The results showed that, after the tillage, SCE increased by 1.2–2.2 times; the soil temperature sensitivity increased by 36.1%–37.5%; and the soil moisture sensitivity increased by 140%–166%. Thus, the tillage-induced increase in SCE might partially be attributed to the increases in temperature and moisture sensitivity of SCE.

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