Aquatic environment

Effect of anaerobic digestion on the high rate of nitritation, treating piggery wastewater

Jiyeol Im , Kyungik Gil


Received December 10, 2010,Revised April 11, 2011, Accepted , Available online November 04, 2011

Volume 23,2011,Pages 1787-1793

The amount of piggery wastewater as domestic livestock is increasing. The volume of piggery wastewater produced is less than the volume of other wastewaters, but piggery wastewater has a heavy impact on wastewater streams due to an extremely high concentration of nitrogen and COD. In this study, laboratory reactors were operated using piggery wastewater and the effluent of anaerobic digester from piggery wastewater plants. The purpose of this study was to induce the nitritation process, which is an economically advantageous nitrogen removal method that converts ammonium nitrogen into nitrite. The results showed that the effluent of anaerobic digester from piggery wastewater was more efficient than raw piggery wastewater in terms of inducing nitritation. It can be deduced that nitritation is largely affected by an organic fraction of piggery wastewater. It can also be concluded that a small amount of biodegradable organic matter in piggery wastewater is efficient in inducing nitritation.

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