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Adsorptive property of Cu2+-loaded montmorillonite clays for Escherichia coli K88 in vitro

Tong Guo , Shoujun Cao , Rui Su , Zhiqiang Li , Ping Hu , Zirong Xu


Received December 21, 2010,Revised May 20, 2011, Accepted , Available online November 04, 2011

Volume 23,2011,Pages 1808-1815

The adsorption properties of Cu2+-loaded montmorillonite clays (MMT-Cu) for Escherichia coli K88 as a function of time, bacteria concentrations, pH, ionic strength and temperature were investigated. The results showed that the bacteria adsorption onto MMT-Cu surface reached equilibrium after 90 min. The percentages of E. coli K88 adsorbed onto the surfaces of MMT-Cu and montmorillonite clays (MMT) at equilibrium were 88.9% and 56.5%, respectively. Scanning electron microscopy revealed that a lot of E. coli K88 adhered to the surface of MMT-Cu. The zeta potential of MMT-Cu was relatively high as compared to that of MMT. The adsorptive ability of MMT-Cu for E. coli K88 was higher than that of MMT (P < 0.05). Moreover, pH, ionic strength and temperature produced a strong influence on the extent of E. coli K88 adsorption to surface of MMT-Cu and MMT. The mechanism of adsorption of E. coli onto MMT-Cu may involve electrostatic attraction and physiochemical properties of bacterial cell walls and minerals surfaces.

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