Atmospheric environment

Absorption characteristics of new solvent based on a blend of AMP and 1,8-diamino-p-menthane for CO2 absorption

Sang-Sup Lee , Seong-Man Mun , Won-Joon Choi , Byoung-Moo Min , Sang-Won Cho , Kwang-Joong Oh


Received April 28, 2011,Revised October 05, 2011, Accepted , Available online May 06, 2012

Volume 24,2012,Pages 897-902

Aqueous 1,8-diamino-p-menthane (KIER-C3) and commercially available amine solutions were tested for CO2 absorption. A 2-amino- 2-methyl-1-propanol (AMP) solution with an addition of KIER-C3 showed 9.3% and 31.6% higher absorption rate for CO2 than the AMP solution with an addition of monoethanolamine (MEA) and ammonia (NH3), respectively. The reaction rate constant for CO2 absorption by the AMP/KIER-C3 solution was determined by the following equation: k2,AMP/C3 = 7.702×106 exp (-2248.03/T). A CO2 loading ratio of the AMP/KIER-C3 solution was also 2 and 3.4-times higher than that of the AMP/NH3 solution and the AMP/MEA solution, respectively. Based on the experimental results, KIER-C3 may be used as an excellent additive to increase CO2 absorption capability of AMP.

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