Experimental study on the impact of temperature on the dissipation process of supersaturated total dissolved gas

Xia Shen , Shengyun Liu , Ran Li , Yangming Ou


Received October 27, 2013,Revised February 24, 2014, Accepted , Available online September 10, 2014

Volume 26,2014,Pages 1874-1878

Water temperature not only affects the solubility of gas in water but can also be an important factor in the dissipation process of supersaturated total dissolved gas (TDG). The quantitative relationship between the dissipation process and temperature has not been previously described. This relationship affects the accurate evaluation of the dissipation process and the subsequent biological effects. This article experimentally investigates the impact of temperature on supersaturated TDG dissipation in static and turbulent conditions. The results show that the supersaturated TDG dissipation coefficient increases with the temperature and turbulence intensity. The quantitative relationship was verified by straight flume experiments. This study enhances our understanding of the dissipation of supersaturated TDG. Furthermore, it provides a scientific foundation for the accurate prediction of the dissipation process of supersaturated TDG in the downstreamarea and the negative impacts of high dam projects on aquatic ecosystems.

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