Methyl Orange removal by a novel PEI-AuNPs-hemin nanocomposite

Jinming Kong , Lianzhi Li , Qiong Hu , Weiwen Hu , Xuehua Yu , Xueji Zhang


Received August 12, 2015,Revised January 02, 2016, Accepted January 04, 2016, Available online March 04, 2016

Volume 29,2017,Pages 278-283

A novel poly(ethyleneimine)/Au nanoparticles/hemin nanocomposite (PEI-AuNPs-Hemin) acting for Methyl Orange (MO) removal has been synthesized. PEI-AuNPs was prepared firstly and it was then linked to hemin through the coupling between carboxyl groups in hemin and amino groups in PEI without the activation of carboxyl groups. The high reactivity and stability of AuNPs contributed greatly in the formation of the amido bonds in the nanocomposite. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, transmission electron microscopy and UV–visible spectroscopy were used to characterize the PEI-AuNPs-Hemin. Results show that PEI-AuNPs-Hemin has strong adsorption for MO. Adsorption and degradation experiments were carried out at different pHs, nanocomposite concentrations and UV irradiation times. Removal of MO in acidic solutions was more effective than in basic solutions. The real-time study showed that the MO degradation with the nanocomposite under UV irradiation was a fast process. In addition, the photocatalytic degradation mechanism was proposed. The study suggests that the PEI-AuNPs-Hemin may have promising applications in environmental monitoring and protection.

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