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Efficient low-temperature soot combustion by bimetallic Ag–Cu/SBA-15 catalysts

Zhaojun Wen , Xinping Duan , Menglin Hu , Yanning Cao , Linmin Ye , Lilong Jiang , Youzhu Yuan


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In this study, the effects of copper (Cu) additive on the catalytic performance of Ag/SBA-15 in complete soot combustion were investigated. The soot combustion performance of bimetallic Ag–Cu/SBA-15 catalysts was higher than that of monometallic Ag and Cu catalysts. The optimum catalytic performance was acquired with the 5Ag1-Cu0.1/SBA-15 catalyst, on which the soot combustion starts at Tig = 225°C with a T50 = 285°C. The temperature for 50% of soot combustion was lower than that of conventional Ag-based catalysts to more than 50°C (Aneggi et al., 2009). Physicochemical characterizations of the catalysts indicated that addition of Cu into Ag could form smaller bimetallic Ag–Cu nanolloy particles, downsizing the mean particle size from 3.7 nm in monometallic catalyst to 2.6 nm in bimetallic Ag–Cu catalyst. Further experiments revealed that Ag and Cu species elicited synergistic effects, subsequently increasing the content of surface active oxygen species. As a result, the structure modifications of Ag by the addition of Cu strongly intensified the catalytic performance.

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