Characteristics of the pollutant emissions in a tunnel of Shanghai on a weekday

Rui Li , Ya Meng , Hongbo Fu , Liwu Zhang , Xingnan Ye , Jianmin Chen


Received September 18, 2017,Revised , Accepted November 14, 2017, Available online November 23, 2017

Volume 71,2018,Pages 136-149

Tunnel displays a typical semi-closed environment, and multitudes of the pollutants tend to accumulate. The samples of gaseous pollutants and particulate matter (PM) were collected from the Xiangyin tunnel at Shanghai to investigate the characteristics of the pollutant emissions. The results indicated that both gaseous pollutants and PM exhibited much higher concentrations during the rush hours in the morning and at night due to vehicle emission. Two peaks of the PM concentration were observed in the scope of 0.7‐1.1 and 3.3–4.7 μm, accounting for 14.6% and 20.3% of the total concentrations, respectively. Organic matter (OM), EC, and many water-soluble ions were markedly higher at the rush hours in the morning than those at night, implicating comprehensive effects of vehicle types and traffic volume. The particle number concentrations exhibited two peaks at Aitken mode (25 nm and 100 nm) and accumulation mode (600 nm), while the particle volume concentration displayed high values at the accumulation mode (100–500 nm) and coarse mode (2.5–4.0 μm). The peak around 100 nm was detected in the morning rush hours, but it diminished with the decrease of the traffic volume. Individual-particle analysis revealed that main particles in the tunnel were Fe-rich particles, K-rich particles, mineral particles, Ca–S rich particles and Al–Si particles. The particles collected at the rush hours displayed marked different morphologies, element concentrations and particle sizes compared to the ones collected at the non-rush period. The data presented herein could shed a light on the feature of vehicle emissions.

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