Nanoscale zero-valent iron/magnetite carbon composites for highly efficient immobilization of U(VI)

Zhimin Lv , Shimin Yang , Lei Chen , Ahmed Alsaedi , Tasawar Hayat , Changlun Chen


Received April 03, 2018,Revised , Accepted June 01, 2018, Available online June 14, 2018

Volume 31,2019,Pages 377-387

Nanoscale zerovalent iron/magnetic carbon (NZVI/MC) composites were successfully synthesized by simply calcining yellow pine and iron precursors. NZVI/MC pyrolyzed at 800°C (NZVI/MC800) had a higher percentage of NZVI and displayed better resistance to aggregation and oxidation of NZVI than samples prepared at other temperatures. The NZVI/MC800 material was applied for the elimination of U(VI) from aqueous solutions. The results suggested that the NZVI/MC800 displayed excellent adsorption capacity (203.94 mg/g) toward U(VI). The significant adsorption capacity and fast adsorption kinetics were attributed to the presence of well-dispersed NZVI, which could quickly reduce U(VI) into U(IV), trapping the guest U(IV) in the porous biocarbon matrix. The removal of U(VI) on the NZVI/MC samples was strongly affected by solution pH. The NZVI/MC samples also displayed outstanding reusability for U(VI) removal after multiple cycles. These findings indicate that NZVI/MC has great potential for remediation of wastewater containing U(VI).

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