Facile synthesis of Ag-modified manganese oxide for effective catalytic ozone decomposition

Xiaotong Li , Jinzhu Ma , Changbin Zhang , Runduo Zhang , Hong He


Received October 19, 2018,Revised , Accepted December 17, 2018, Available online December 27, 2018

Volume ,2019,Pages 159-168

O3 decomposition catalysts with excellent performance still need to be developed. In this study, Ag-modified manganese oxides (AgMnOx) were synthesized by a simple co-precipitation method. The effect of calcination temperature on the activity of MnOx and AgMnOx catalysts was investigated. The effect of the amount of Ag addition on the activity and structure of the catalysts was further studied by activity testing and characterization by a variety of techniques. The activity of 8%AgMnOx for ozone decomposition was significantly enhanced due to the formation of the Ag1.8Mn8O16 structure, indicating that this phase has excellent performance for ozone decomposition. The weight content of Ag1.8Mn8O16 in the 8%AgMnOx catalyst was only about 33.76%, which further indicates the excellent performance of the Ag1.8Mn8O16 phase for ozone decomposition. The H2 temperature programmed reduction (H2-TPR) results indicated that the reducibility of the catalysts increased due to the formation of the Ag1.8Mn8O16 structure. This study provides guidance for a follow-up study on Ag-modified manganese oxide catalysts for ozone decomposition.

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