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Decoupling the adsorption mechanisms of arsenate at molecular level on modified cube-shaped sponge loaded superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles
  Manuel Valiente, Xiang-Yang Lou, Roberto Boada, Verónica Verdugo, Laura Simonelli, Gustavo Pérez
  2022,34(11):1-12 [Abstract(27)]  [View PDF 8.64 M (14)]
Response mechanism of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii to nanoscale bismuth oxyiodide (nano-BiOI): Integrating analysis of mineral nutrient metabolism and metabolomics
  Chen Li, Yan Huang, Jinlong Lai, Yang Huang, Xuegang Luo, Xu Yang, Zewei Liu, Yue Duan
  2022,34(11):13-24 [Abstract(27)]  [View PDF 3.94 M (11)]
A novel approach for VOC source apportionment combining characteristic factor and pattern recognition technology in a Chinese industrial area
  Wei Li, Deji Jing, Nana Cheng, Cheng Zhang, Ziwei Chen, Xingnong Cai, Sujing Li, Jingkai Zhao, Qiaoli Wang
  2022,34(11):25-37 [Abstract(27)]  [View PDF 6.98 M (12)]
Variations in traffic-related polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in PM2.5 in Kanazawa, Japan, after the implementation of a new vehicle emission regulation
  Ning Tang, Wanli Xing, Lu Yang, Hao Zhang, Xuan Zhang, Yan Wang, Pengchu Bai, Lulu Zhang, Kazuichi Hayakawa, Seiya Nagao
  2022,34(11):38-47 [Abstract(36)]  [View PDF 1.98 M (12)]
Grazing greatly reduces the temporal stability of soil cellulolytic fungal community in a steppe on the Tibetan Plateau
  Xiaobin Dong, Fei Wang, Weidong Kong, Mukan Ji, Kang Zhao, Hao Chen, Linyan Yue
  2022,34(11):48-57 [Abstract(53)]  [View PDF 2.13 M (11)]
The onset of surface-enhanced Raman scattering for single-particle detection of submicroplastics
  James Kar-Hei Fang, Cheng-Hao Lee
  2022,34(11):58-64 [Abstract(28)]  [View PDF 3.22 M (11)]
Effects of co-exposure to lead and manganese on learning and memory deficits
  Rui Chen, Ruili Guan, Tao Wang, Xiaoru Dong, Kejun Du, Juan Li, Fang Zhao, Jie Xu, Bin Li, Gang Zheng, Xuefeng Shen, Baohua Cao, Jing Wang, Michael Aschner, Mingchao Liu
  2022,34(11):65-76 [Abstract(31)]  [View PDF 9.43 M (10)]
Interactions between lead(II) ions and dissolved organic matter derived from organic fertilizers incubated in the field
  Chuanliang Fu, Long Chen, Boling Li, Zhipeng Wu, Qingjie Zhao, Qiuyue Wang, Hailong Wang, Bhupinder Pal Singh, Weidong Wu
  2022,34(11):77-89 [Abstract(32)]  [View PDF 9.74 M (12)]
Diffusive gradients in thin films (DGT) probe for effectively sampling of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in waters and sediments
  Chang-Er Chen, Yuanyuan Yang, Sisi Liu, Runmei Wang, Cailin Li, Jianhui Tang, Tao Chen, Guang-Guo Ying
  2022,34(11):90-97 [Abstract(35)]  [View PDF 4.19 M (14)]
Turnover of dissolved organic carbon fuels nocturnal CO2 emissions from a headwater catchment reservoir, Southeastern China: Effects of ecosystem metabolism on source partitioning of CO2 emissions
  Dongsheng Wang, Peipei Zhang, Ruyuan Jiao, Chen Gong, Fang Wang, Weijin Yan, Qingqian Li
  2022,34(11):98-111 [Abstract(36)]  [View PDF 6.38 M (12)]
A novel approach to estimate and control denitrification performance in activated sludge systems with respirogram technology
  Ruina Zhang, Zhihua Li, Yali Zhang, Zhenyu Hang, Meng Lu, Haiguang Wang, Xingdong Gao
  2022,34(11):112-121 [Abstract(29)]  [View PDF 1023.79 K (11)]
Transformation mechanism and fate of dissolved organic nitrogen (DON) in a full-scale drinking water treatment
  Tariq Mehmood, Yuye Luo, Cheng Liu, Congcong Li, Yiwen Shan
  2022,34(11):122-135 [Abstract(48)]  [View PDF 5.09 M (11)]
Coprecipitation mechanisms of Zn by birnessite formation and its mineralogy under neutral pH conditions
  Chiharu Tokoro, Shota Tajima, Shigeshi Fuchida
  2022,34(11):136-147 [Abstract(32)]  [View PDF 4.74 M (10)]
Anthraquinone acted as a catalyst for the removal of triphenylmethane dye containing tertiary amino group: Characteristics and mechanism
  Tinglin Huang, Ying Gao, Weihuang Zhu, Junli Li, Wenqi Liu, Xue Li, Jianfeng Zhang
  2022,34(11):148-158 [Abstract(30)]  [View PDF 6.59 M (11)]
Source identification, contamination status and health risk assessment of heavy metals from road dusts in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  Minggang Cai, Aklima Nargis, Ahsan Habib, Md Nazrul Islam, Kai Chen, Md Shafiqul Islam Sarker, A N M Al-Razee, Wenbin Liu, Guorui Liu
  2022,34(11):159-174 [Abstract(37)]  [View PDF 2.35 M (11)]
Fine particulate matter (PM2.5/PM1.0) in Beijing, China: Variations and chemical compositions as well as sources
  Hezhong Tian, Lining Luo, Xiaoxuan Bai, Shuhan Liu, Bobo Wu, Wei Liu, Yunqian Lv, Zhihui Guo, Shumin Lin, Shuang Zhao, Yan Hao, Jiming Hao, Kai Zhang, Aihua Zheng
  2022,34(11):187-198 [Abstract(34)]  [View PDF 5.69 M (17)]
The profiles of chiral pesticides in peri-urban areas near Yangtze River: Enantioselective distribution characteristics and correlations with surface sediments
  Xiao Zhong, Wenjun Zhang, Tingting Li, Jiayi Tang, Xiaoli Liu, Yuhang Liu
  2022,34(11):199-210 [Abstract(28)]  [View PDF 3.97 M (12)]
Optimization via response surface methodology of the synthesis of a dust suppressant and its performance characterization for use in open cut coal mines
  Nan Li, Hu Jin, Yansong Zhang, Guangan Wu, Junjie Yang
  2022,34(11):211-223 [Abstract(27)]  [View PDF 10.15 M (11)]
Source apportionment of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in a sediment core from Lake Dagze Co, Tibetan Plateau, China: Comparison of three receptor models
  Changchun Huang, Yixin Bai, Kunlin Shi, Heyu Yu, Nana Shang, Weiyue Hao, Chuan Wang, Tao Huang, Hao Yang
  2022,34(11):224-233 [Abstract(62)]  [View PDF 5.23 M (12)]

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