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Spatiotemporal optical properties of dissolved organic matter in a sluice-controlled coastal plain river with both salinity and trophic gradients
  Chengxun Yu, Guanghui Yu, Khan M.G. Mostofa, Siliang Li, Yu Liu, Yucheng Hu, Yumei Hu, Yuqi Gao, Zhenying Liu
  2023,35(7):1-15 [Abstract(46)]  [View PDF 6.46 M (56)]
The effects of climate warming on microbe-mediated mechanisms of sediment carbon emission
  Haoyu Ren, He Li, Wanchang Ding, Weiwei Lü, Xia Jiang, Xin Yao
  2023,35(7):16-29 [Abstract(47)]  [View PDF 10.42 M (62)]
The role of organic and inorganic substituents of roxarsone determines its binding behavior and mechanisms onto nano-ferrihydrite colloidal particles
  Bingyu Li, Caleb Oppong Mensah, Dongning Wei, Ming Lei, Yayuan Huang, Yimin Zhou
  2023,35(7):30-44 [Abstract(45)]  [View PDF 4.61 M (69)]
Efficient removal of polybrominated diphenyl ethers from soil washing effluent by dummy molecular imprinted adsorbents: Selectivity and mechanisms
  Chunsheng Xie, Guining Lu, Jiangmin Zhou, Jinfan Chen, Xiaodong Du, Xueqin Tao, Yao Ma, Zhi Dang
  2023,35(7):45-57 [Abstract(42)]  [View PDF 7.62 M (51)]
Coastal mudflats as reservoirs of extracellular antibiotic resistance genes: Studies in Eastern China
  Hui Fang, Qingbin Yuan, Ruonan Sun, Xiaolin Wang, Yi Luo, Yuan Cheng
  2023,35(7):58-68 [Abstract(42)]  [View PDF 4.23 M (53)]
Induced transformation of antimony trioxide by Mn(II) oxidation and their co-transformed mechanism
  Caixiang Zhang, Chao Nan, Shuxin Huang, You Lv, Zenghui Fan
  2023,35(7):69-78 [Abstract(41)]  [View PDF 5.37 M (51)]
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in a sediment core from Lake Taihu and their associations with sedimentary organic matter
  Xiangyu Wang, Yong He, Zhaobin Zhang
  2023,35(7):79-89 [Abstract(40)]  [View PDF 4.38 M (66)]
The exposure risks associated with pathogens and antibiotic resistance genes in bioaerosol from municipal landfill and surrounding area
  Guiying Li, Taicheng An, Wen Liao, Xiaolong Wang, Yun Yu, Zhishu Liang
  2023,35(7):90-103 [Abstract(41)]  [View PDF 6.86 M (46)]
Highly inhibited transport of dissolved thallium(I) in manganese oxide-coated sand: Chemical condition effects and retention mechanisms
  Caihong Liu, Hainan Wang, Hongxia Liu, Qiang He, Xiaoliu Huangfu, Ziqiang Liu
  2023,35(7):104-114 [Abstract(39)]  [View PDF 4.65 M (58)]
Selective recovery of Cu(II) from strongly acidic wastewater by zinc dimethyldithiocarbamate: Affecting factors, efficiency and mechanism
  Linghao Kong, Xianjia Peng, Xin Yang, Xingyun Hu
  2023,35(7):115-127 [Abstract(42)]  [View PDF 9.29 M (68)]
A sustained-release microcarrier effectively prolongs and enhances the antibacterial activity of lysozyme
  Chunyan Ma, Fengbang Wang, Guibin Jiang, Jingzhang Liu, Lei Bi, Maoyong Song, Mei Du
  2023,35(7):128-138 [Abstract(36)]  [View PDF 8.86 M (42)]
Carbonate-induced enhancement of phenols degradation in CuS/peroxymonosulfate system: A clear correlation between this enhancement and electronic effects of phenols substituents
  Jindong Zhang, Lihua Zhu, Nan Wang, Xiaobo Wang, Yu Zhou
  2023,35(7):139-151 [Abstract(42)]  [View PDF 4.42 M (48)]
H2O2 treatment boosts activity of NiFe layered double hydroxide for electro-catalytic oxidation of urea
  Jin Wang, Jinshan Wei, Xiaoming Sun
  2023,35(7):152-160 [Abstract(43)]  [View PDF 5.98 M (44)]
Degradation and fate of 2,4-dinitroanisole (DNAN) and its intermediates treated with Mg/Cu bimetal: Surface examination with XAS, DFT, and LDI-MS
  Agamemnon Koutsospyros, Andrew Mai, Christos Christodoulatos, Emese Hadnagy, Jason P. Robbins, Lotanna Ezeonu, Qiantao Shi, Simon G. Podkolzin
  2023,35(7):161-173 [Abstract(44)]  [View PDF 3.73 M (51)]
Water-lifting and aeration system improves water quality of drinking water reservoirs: Biological mechanism and field application
  Cheng Huang, Fan Si, Fengyao Hua, Haihan Zhang, Kai Li, Liqing Kou, Tinglin Huang, Xiang Liu
  2023,35(7):174-188 [Abstract(35)]  [View PDF 10.13 M (41)]
Theoretical insights into the degradation mechanisms, kinetics and eco-toxicity of oxcarbazepine initiated by OH radicals in aqueous environments
  Fei Xu, Lin Liu, Ming Li, Mohammad Hassan Hadizadeh, Yanhui Sun
  2023,35(7):189-201 [Abstract(40)]  [View PDF 2.51 M (43)]
Risk assessment and binding mechanisms of potentially toxic metals in sediments from different water levels in a coastal wetland
  Congqiang Liu, Fusheng Sun, Guanghui Yu, Xingxing Han, Yunchao Lang, Zhilai Chi
  2023,35(7):202-212 [Abstract(39)]  [View PDF 5.39 M (50)]
Peroxymonosulfate activation by Fe-N-S co-doped tremella-like carbocatalyst for degradation of bisphenol A: Synergistic effect of pyridine N, Fe-Nx, thiophene S
  Dongdong He, Hongmei He, Jin Huang, Ke Zhu, Lele Lei, Wenjin Chen, Xiulan Li, Yumeng Wang, Yushi Ai
  2023,35(7):213-228 [Abstract(39)]  [View PDF 13.83 M (42)]
Toxicity effects of disinfection byproduct chloroacetic acid to Microcystis aeruginosa: Cytotoxicity and mechanisms
  Fuxiang Tian, Jiawei Ni, Jing Ye, Lei Yang, Liang Meng, Meifang Hou, Runxiang Wang, Wenwu Xu, Xiyan Ji, Yuanting Li
  2023,35(7):229-239 [Abstract(39)]  [View PDF 7.31 M (43)]
Spirulina platensis extract improves the production and defenses of the common bean grown in a heavy metals-contaminated saline soil
  Ahmed A.A. Mohsen, Ahmed H. El-Sappah, Ahmed S. Elrys, El-Sayed M. Desoky, Eman Selem, Khaled A. El-Tarabily, Mostafa M. Rady, Safaa M.A.I. Arnaout
  2023,35(7):240-257 [Abstract(41)]  [View PDF 4.21 M (43)]

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