Effects of artificially induced complete mixing on dissolved organic matter in a stratified source water reservoir

Cheng Huang , Lingyun Zhao , Nan Li , Tinglin Huang , Haihan Zhang , Fan Si , Kai Li , Yunzhi Qi , Fengyao Hua


Received December 08, 2020,Revised , Accepted March 10, 2021, Available online March 26, 2021

Volume 34,2022,Pages 130-140

Naturally complete mixing promotes the spontaneous redistribution of dissolved oxygen (DO), representing an ideal state for maintaining good water quality, and conducive to the biomineralization of organic matter. Water lifting aerators (WLAs) can extend the periods of complete mixing and increase the initial mixing temperature. To evaluate the influence of artificial-induced continuously mixing on dissolved organic matter (DOM) removal performance, the variations of DOM concentrations, optical characteristic, environmental factors were studied after approaching the total mixing status via WLAs operation. During this process, the dissolved organic carbon reduced by 39.18%, whereas the permanganate index decreased by 20.47%. The optical properties indicate that the DOM became more endogenous and its molecular weight decreased. Based on the results of the Biolog EcoPlates, the microorganisms were maintained at a relatively high metabolic activity in the early stage of induced mixing when the mixing temperature was relatively high, whereas DOM declined at a high rate. With the continuous decrease in the water temperature, both the metabolic capacity and the diversity of aerobic microorganisms significantly decreased, and the rate of organic matter mineralization slowed down. The results of this study demonstrate that the artificial induced mixing largely enhanced the removal DOM performance by providing a long period of aerobic conditions and higher initial temperature.

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