Mesoporous molecular sieve-based materials for catalytic oxidation of VOC: A review

Ruijie Zhuang , Wei Gao , Xiaolong Tang , Honghong Yi , Shanxue Jiang , Qingjun Yu , Xizhou Xie


Received June 22, 2021,Revised , Accepted November 11, 2021, Available online February 03, 2022

Volume 35,2023,Pages 112-134

As the main contributor of the formation of particulate matter as well as ozone, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) greatly affect human health and the environmental quality. Catalytic combustion/oxidation has been viewed as an efficient, economically feasible and environmentally friendly way for the elimination of VOCs. Supported metal catalyst is the preferred type of catalysts applied for VOCs catalytic combustion because of the synergy between active components and support as well as its flexibility in the composition. The presence of support not only plays the role of keeping the catalyst with good stability and mechanical strength, but also provides a large specific surface for the good dispersion of active components, which could effectively improve the performance of catalyst as well as decrease the usage of active components, especially the noble metal amount. Mesoporous molecular sieves, owing to their large surface area, unique porous structures, large pore size as well as uniform pore-size distribution, were viewed as superior support for dispersing active components. This review focuses on the recent development of mesoporous molecular sieve supported metal catalysts and their application in catalytic oxidation of VOCs. The effect of active component types, support structure, preparation method, precursors, etc. on the valence state, dispersion as well as the loading of active species were also discussed and summarized. Moreover, the corresponding conversion route of VOCs was also addressed. This review aims to provide some enlightment for designing the supported metal catalysts with superior activity and stability for VOCs removal.

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