Retention of trace elements in coal-fired flue gas by a novel heterogeneous agglomeration technology

Junying Zhang , Yushan Ji , Xiangzheng Cui , Jingchao Liu , Tianle Zhang , Shuzhou Wei , Junfeng Zhang , Yongchun Zhao


Received September 23, 2021,Revised , Accepted December 26, 2021, Available online January 04, 2022

Volume 35,2023,Pages 234-243

Heterogeneous agglomeration (HA) is a very potential technology for coal-fired flue gas treatment. In this paper, the distribution and migration mechanisms of trace elements (TEs) such as Se, As and Pb in CFPPs were studied on a 30,000 m3/hr pilot-scale experimental platform. The influences of HA on the removal efficiency of gaseous and particulate TEs were well analyzed. The results showed that Se, As and Pb were enriched in fly ash, and their sensitivity to particle size is quite different. The content of Se was the highest in PM1, reaching 193.04 mg/kg at the electrostatic precipitator (ESP) outlet. The average particle size of the total dust before ESP increased significantly from 21.686 to 62.612 µm after injecting the heterogeneous agglomeration adsorbent, conducive to its further removal by ESP. In addition, the concentrations of gaseous Se, As and Pb in the flue gas decreased after adsorbent spray, and accordingly, their contents in the hierarchical particles increased, indicating that the adsorbent could effectively promote the adsorption of gaseous trace elements in fly ash and reduce the possibility of their escape to the atmosphere. Total concentrations of Se, As and Pb emitted by wet flue gas desulfurization (WFGD) are 0.223, 0.668 and 0.076 µg/m3, which decreased by 59.98%, 47.69% and 90.71%, respectively. Finally, a possible HA mechanism model was proposed, where chemical adsorption, physical condensation and collision agglomeration of gaseous TEs and fine particles with adsorbent droplets occurred to form larger agglomerates.

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