Progress on metal-support interactions in Pd-based catalysts for automobile emission control

Duan Weng , Yidan Cao , Rui Ran , Xiaodong Wu , Zhichun Si , Feiyu Kang


Received May 27, 2021,Revised , Accepted January 06, 2022, Available online January 19, 2022

Volume 35,2023,Pages 401-426

The interactions between metals and oxide supports, so-called metal-support interactions (MSI), are of great importance in heterogeneous catalysis. Pd-based automotive exhaust control catalysts, especially Pd-based three-way catalysts (TWCs), have received considerable research attention owing to its prominent oxidation activity of HCs/CO, as well as excellent thermal stability. For Pd-based TWCs, the dispersion, chemical state and thermal stability of Pd species, which are crucial to the catalytic performance, are closely associated with interactions between metal nanoparticles and their supporting matrix. Progress on the research about MSI and utilization of MSI in advanced Pd-based three-way catalysts are reviewed here. Along with the development of advanced synthesis approaches and engine control technology, the study on MSI would play a notable role in further development of catalysts for automobile exhaust control.

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