Remediation performance and mechanisms of Cu and Cd contaminated water and soil using Mn/Al-layered double oxide-loaded biochar

Zhi Dang , Pengcheng Lin , Hang Liu , Hua Yin , Minghan Zhu , Haoyu Luo


Received December 27, 2021,Revised , Accepted March 13, 2022, Available online March 23, 2022

Volume 35,2023,Pages 593-602

The combined pollution of heavy metals is ubiquitous worldwide. Mn/Al-layered double oxide-loaded crab shells biochar (LDO/BC) was prepared, so as to remediate the combined pollution of Cd and Cu in soil and water. The pristine and used LDO/BC were characterized and the results revealed that the layered double oxide was successfully loaded on crab shells biochar (BC) and metal element Ca in crab shells was beneficial to the formation of more regular layered and flake structure. The maximal adsorption capacity (Qm) of LDO/BC for aqueous Cu2+ and Cd2+ was 66.23 and 73.47 mg/g, respectively. LDO/BC and BC were used to remediate e-waste-contaminated soil for the first time and exhibited highly efficient performance. The extraction amount of Cu and Cd in the contaminated soil by diethylene triamine penta-acetic acid (DTPA) after treating with 5% LDO/BC was significantly reduced from 819.84 to 205.95 mg/kg (with passivation rate 74.8%) and 8.46 to 4.16 mg/kg (with passivation rate 50.8%), respectively, inferring that the bioavailability of heavy metals declined remarkably. The experimental result also suggested that after remediation by LDO/BC the exchangeable and weak acid soluble Cu and Cd in soil translated to reducible, residual and oxidizable fraction which are more stable state. Precipitation, complexation and ion exchange were proposed as the possible mechanisms for Cd and Cu removal. In general, these experiment results indicate that LDO/BC can be a potentially effective reagent for remediation of heavy metal contaminated water and soil.

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