Facile fabrication of Fe/Zr binary MOFs for arsenic removal in water: High capacity, fast kinetics and good reusability

Chun-Gang Yuan , Qi Guo , Yuan Li , Li-Wei Zheng , Xiao-Yang Wei , Yan Xu , Yi-Wen Shen , Ke-Gang Zhang


Received June 10, 2022,Revised , Accepted August 01, 2022, Available online August 12, 2022

Volume 35,2023,Pages 213-223

A water-stable bimetallic Fe/Zr metal-organic framework [UiO-66(Fe/Zr)] for exceptional decontamination of arsenic in water was fabricated through a facile one-step strategy. The batch adsorption experiments revealed the excellent performances with ultrafast adsorption kinetics due to the synergistic effects of two functional centers and large surface area (498.33 m2/g). The absorption capacity of UiO-66(Fe/Zr) for arsenate [As(V)] and arsenite [As(III)] reached as high as 204.1 mg/g and 101.7 mg/g, respectively. Langmuir model was suitable to describe the adsorption behaviors of arsenic on UiO-66(Fe/Zr). The fast kinetics (adsorption equilibrium in 30 min, 10 mg/L As) and pseudo-second-order model implied the strong chemisorption between arsenic ions and UiO-66(Fe/Zr), which was further confirmed by DFT theoretical calculations. The results of FT-IR, XPS analysis and TCLP test demonstrated that arsenic was immobilized on the surface of UiO-66(Fe/Zr) through Fe/Zr-O-As bonds, and the leaching rates of the adsorbed As(III) and As(V) from the spent adsorbent were only 5.6% and 1.4%, respectively. UiO-66(Fe/Zr) can be regenerated for five cycles without obvious removal efficiency decrease. The original arsenic (1.0 mg/L) in lake and tap water was effectively removed in 2.0 hr [99.0% of As(III) and 99.8% of As(V)]. The bimetallic UiO-66(Fe/Zr) has great potentials in water deep purification of arsenic with fast kinetics and high capacity.

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