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Graphitic carbon nitride nanosheets mitigate cadmium toxicity in Glycine max L. by promoting cadmium retention in root and improving photosynthetic performance

Miaozhen Cai , Kai Xu , Yunyu Guo , Chenghua Xing , Ronglong Fu , Bin Zou , Rongchuan Liu , Luyi Cai , Jianfang Yan , Xi-Lin Wu


Received June 14, 2023,Revised , Accepted August 28, 2023, Available online September 05, 2023

Volume 36,2024,Pages 543-555

Cadmium (Cd) pollution poses a serious threat to plant growth and yield. Nanomaterials have shown great application potential for alleviation of Cd toxicity to plants. In this study, we applied graphitic carbon nitride nanosheets (g-C3N4 NSs) for alleviation of Cd-toxicity to soybean (Glycine max L.). The g-C3N4 NSs supplementation significantly improved plant growth and reduced oxidative damage in the Cd-toxicated soybean seedlings through hydroponic culture. Particularly, the g-C3N4 NSs dynamically regulated the root cell wall (RCW) components by increasing pectin content and modifying its demethylation via enhancing pectin methylesterase (PME) activity, therefore greatly enhanced stronger RCW-Cd retention (up to 82.8%) and reduced Cd migration to the shoot. Additionally, the g-C3N4 NSs reversed the Cd-induced chlorosis, increased photosynthetic efficiency because of enhancement in Fv/Fm ration, Y(II) and sugars content. These results provide new insights into the alleviation of Cd toxicity to plants by g-C3N4 NSs, and shed light on the application of low-cost and environmental-friendly carbon-based NMs for alleviating heavy metal toxicity to plants.

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