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Core-shell design of UiO66-Fe3O4 configured with EDTA-assisted washing for rapid adsorption and simple recovery of heavy metal pollutants from soil

Dengxin Li , Xi Wang , Asif Hussain , Qingqing Li , Mingyu Ma , Juan Wu , Mingqiang Deng , Jie Yang


Received May 29, 2023,Revised , Accepted September 25, 2023, Available online October 03, 2023

Volume 36,2024,Pages 556-568

The coupling of washing with adsorption process can be adopted for the treatment of soils contaminated with heavy metals pollution. However, the complex environment of soil and the competitive behavior of leaching chemicals considerably restrain adsorption capacity of adsorbent material during washing process, which demands a higher resistance of the adsorbents to interference. In this study, we synthesized strongly magnetic, high specific surface area (573.49 m2/g) UiO66 composites (i.e., UiO66-Fe3O4) using hydrothermal process. The UiO66-Fe3O4 was applied as an adsorbent during the ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid (EDTA)-assisted washing process of contaminated soil. The incorporation of UiO66-Fe3O4 results in rapid heavy metal removal and recovery from the soil under low concentrations of washing agent (0.001 mol/L) with reduced residual heavy metal mobility of soil after remediation. Furthermore, UiO66-Fe3O4 can quickly recollect by an external magnet, which offers a simple and inexpensive recovery method for heavy metals from contaminated soil. Overall, UiO66-Fe3O4 configuration with EDTA-assisted washing process showed opportunities for heavy metals contaminated sites.

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