A simple fluorescence anisotropy assay for detection of bisphenol A using fluorescently labeled aptamer

Qiang Zhao , Liying Liu


Received December 02, 2019,Revised , Accepted April 06, 2020, Available online June 01, 2020

Volume 32,2020,Pages 19-24

Bisphenol A (BPA) is one of the environmental endocrine disruptors (EDCs), and BPA contamination in environment can cause high risks to human health. Rapid determination of BPA on sites is in high demand in environmental analysis. Taking advantage of aptamers as affinity ligands and fluorescence anisotropy (FA) analysis, we developed a simple and rapid FA assay for BPA by employing a single tetramethylrhodamine (TMR) labeled short 35-mer DNA aptamer against BPA. The assay is based on the BPA-binding induced conformation change of TMR-labeled aptamer and alteration of interaction between TMR and guanine bases, resulting in change of FA signals. We screened the FA change of aptamer probes having TMR label on a specific site of the aptamer upon BPA addition. The aptamer with a TMR label on the 22nd T base showed large FA-decreasing response to BPA and maintained good binding affinity to BPA. By using this TMR-labeled aptamer, we achieved FA detection of BPA with a detection limit of 0.5 μmol/L under the optimized conditions. This assay was selective towards BPA and enabled the detection of BPA spiked in tap water sample, showing the potential applications on water samples.

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